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Hosni Mubarak- good President?

Discussion in 'Middle Eastern Politics' started by ronki23, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. ronki23

    ronki23 Well-Known Member

    Aug 22, 2013
    Hosni was on good terms with Israel and Egypt was stable and somewhat safe.

    #1 ronki23, Feb 26, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2020
  2. Gnostic Ambivalence

    Jun 3, 2019
    Do you think his being on good terms with "Israel" (traditional Christians see their Church as Israel so to be fair to them it would be better to use the terms Zionist colonial project or Jewish colonial project)? If so why in a region where you can measure how much a state reflects the popular will by how opposed it is to the Settler colonial project in Palestine?

    He was a vicious tyrannt. Egyptian politics is a depressing conflict between the Army and the Brotherhood, both of which have a lot to be said against them but there are hopeful signs this is changing.