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Hoping for some thoughts from mormons

Discussion in 'Biblical Debates' started by curiouslyminty, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. benjosh

    benjosh Member

    Dec 28, 2005

    Nothing works if you don't have revelation.

    You started this thread of hoping for some thoughts from Mormons, well now that you have more thoughts than you can handle. I'll just step out of the picture until you settle down and start talking like a follower of Christ.

  2. Katzpur

    Katzpur Not your average Mormon

    Apr 10, 2005
    LDS Christian
    I agree. The tone of your remarks has changed significantly since you first opened this thread, CM, and I think benjosh has just about summed it up for all of us. I'm sorry that your found our attempt to answer your questions to be unsatisfactory. I believe we all did the best we could. You have evidently come to some pretty firm conclusions about our beliefs and history. In my opinion, if you get your information from questionable sources, you can pretty much expect it to be less than reliable. If I wanted to learn about your Church (I don't know what it is, but I'm guessing it's maybe Southern Baptist), I would not go to a Catholic-sponsored website for my information. If I wanted accurate information on Catholicism, I would not expect to find it on a website sponsored by Jehovah's Witnesses. To me, that's just logical.

    At this point, it definitely doesn't appear as if any of us are going to be able to do anything at all to change your mind, so from here on out, most of the conversation is probably going to be pretty counter-productive and hurtful. Consequently, I'll be bowing out of all future conversations with you about my Church. I guess if you're happy where you are and I'm happy with where I am, maybe we ought to both just try to be happy for one another.
  3. Aqualung

    Aqualung Tasty

    Jun 16, 2005
    The BoM fails? Then why haven't you brought up those failure in the "Abrahamic-Mormons" thread you posted in a couple times.

    But again, you have failed to point out where.

    So? The BoM is just another prophet speaking of christ.

    Once again, I tell you that if you use the scriptures as a standard, like Paul commended them for doing, you won't find the BoM to be a "false prophet." You should be the one taking Paul's advice.

    You believe it to fail? You mean you never tried it? I believed it would fail as well, but upon trial, the BoM held up perfectly.

    Here you are again, saying that our gospel is contradictory, yet offering not one little iota of evidence to the same. SEriously, start giving examples.

    Oh? (once again, I find myself searching your replies for actual meat, instead of just baseless accusations.)

    They also lived in a time when scripture was still at least a bit more pure than it is today, not after it has gone through numerous retranslations and revisions at the whim of rulers and kings.

    Not. We believe we have the same stuff, not something new. It's the same stuff as teh original apostles had, but stuff that has been lost through the proces I just described.

    Well, ,that's your opinion, but so far you have not given me any reason to belive that this is actually based in studyings of your own.

    REally? INteresting you say taht, because that's exactly what Jesus (not the apostles) did, and which Paul reminded us of in at least one of his epistles. Actually, I'm sure if I even understand what you were saying. :D

    Huh. Yet once again, you just base in on these mysterious "beliefs" that you give no basis for.
  4. curiouslyminty

    Jan 8, 2006
    My tone has changed only because my opinion has changed. I began by thinking, maybe the BoM is true but the church has just lost its way. But since then I have realized that even that is too much. I know we are done :) So I will not post any more here.

    Since you wanted to know my denomination I'll tell you I attend a PCA (presbo) church but do not completely agree with all of the PCA's thoughts. I follow the orthodox scripture to the best of my ability no matter the denomination. Its not a title that saves. (baptism being really the only dispute I have)