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Honoring your ancestors


Be your own guru
Does your faith practice honoring your ancestors?
Yes, it does, for three generations that one may have seen and clubs the earlier ones as 'Pitr' (male and female ancestors). For one year after a person's death, there are specific rituals. After one year, they are remembered in two fortnights during the year, one in spring and another in autumn. Currently, we are having the autumn remembrance (Shraaddha). Not only the paters but all who have died in the family are remembered, for example my youngest brother who died when he was 14 year old due to kidney infection. It is normal to give charity in their name. I have no complaints against my father and grandpa, both were excellent people and so were my mother and grandmother, though my father slapped hard. Part of the respect that my family has in my community is because of them.
I'm grateful to my parents for having put up with me because I was a spoiled monster when I was younger and especially as an adolescent.
Yeah, I too put them to great trouble, but they endured it.
I don't see a point, other than attachment to the vyavaharika.
While we are in this make-believe world, we do what is required at this 'vyavaharika' level (pragmatic reality). At 'Paramarthika' level (absolute reality), there is no worship, no veneration.