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holocaust denial article in pro-fascist state-controlled italian paper sparks an uproar

Discussion in 'Religious News' started by LeftishBritInPA, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. LeftishBritInPA

    LeftishBritInPA New Member

    Shoah Called "The Greatest Lie of Modern Times" - Jewish World - News - Israel National News

    One can argue that Italy never "stopped" being fascist. When the Allies took over italy, it forced the fascists underground. Using of the Holocaust as a means to discredit Israel is the real "MOTHER OF ALL LIES!" Hitler and his fascists waged war agains the Jewish nation in the gas chambers. Today vile, anti-semitic holocaust deniers are doing the same.

    As history has seen State funded anti-semitism is legal again and its only the begining. I would not be surprised if the Italians started giving the Iranians weapons and nuclear technology.
  2. Kathryn

    Kathryn Most Spoiled Woman Ever


    But that would require too much work. ;)
  3. Jayhawker Soule

    Jayhawker Soule Well-Known Member

    One can argue all manner of really, really stupid things.
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