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Help regarding tea

Debater Slayer

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If you have this where you live, I recommend trying adding it to your tea, but only half a teaspoon or so because the scent and taste can be very strong:


You could also try their teabags:



Tale Weaver
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The tea snobs among us would tell you that particular "tea" is technically a tisane, or "herbal tea" colloquially. Tea proper must contain tea plant, or Camellia sinensis, which this blend lacks.

The steep time listed on the package is about right. Speaking in general terms, the time you steep a tea or tisane is related to the nature of the components. Tisanes often contain harder plant parts or large pieces - things like dried fruit, berries, roots - so you need hard boiled water and longer steep times to get them to release. Other ingredients can sometimes make a tea or tisane go off a bit if oversteeped. There's a risk of that with the hibiscus in this particular blend - hibiscus has a very strong flavor and can overpower a brew if there is too much of it in the blend or it is brewed for too long. However, some people like that, so it's really up to taste.

A tisane like this I would brew as an iced tea. I have one somewhat similar to it I steep overnight in a glass jar and with a bit of stevia it makes a fantastic iced tea.


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When you go for your teacup but you drank all the tea,

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"Be strong" I whispered to my coffee.
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As mentioned by @Quintessence that is a tisain, from what i have read here and your experiments the advice is good and you are winning.

If you like it enough to make tea or tisane a regular drink i can recommend green tea with jasmine.


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I just zoomed in on the package in the OP at it looks like the primary ingredient is rooibos. I suppose that explains the red hue to the finished product.
Its a mixture of rooibos, hibicus, currant, rose hips, elderberries, cranberries,and fruit flavor according to the package