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Hello everybody. I've been interested in religions for a long time. I would know very much about them at this point, unless I had very bad memory. :) I have read basics of eastern religions, but for the last years I've mainly tried to read about the Cathars and other gnostics. A while ago I realized that I'll never reach gnosis or enlightenment, so I decided to focus on Christianity as it was taught by Marcion. I have minor disagreements with his theology, but it suits me well mostly.
I hope I can contribute something for this forum.


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Do you see it as impossible for you or for everyone?
Thank you Jumi. I spoke only for myself. I know that much about myself that I won't reach enlightenment, gnosis or ego-death. Perhaps the next human being, who is born out of karma set by me, will be closer to self-realization. But there may be other people, who can kill their ego.

I'm not sure anymore, if Marcionism is the best religion for me. I've just been looking for a god above God, and marcionism seemed a good choice a while ago. In my opinion material universe is a flawed place, and the only good explanation for that is that its creator is also flawed. According to marcionism, a god from parallel universe sent his son Christ into this world to buy us free from the hands of our stern creator-god. Before I chose marcionism, I thought that one would have eternal life by substituting ego with Christ-spirit, which is same as Krishna, but I thought that Christ-spirit will never substitute my ego, and that's why I chose marcionism. Now I've also read posts written by LHP-people. And they make sense to me, because if god-above-god would be better god, why would he require worship and prayer from us like our creator-god? No, he would accept us as equals. In my opinion god above god would be called Satan (adversary) by this creator god. Marcionism promotes constant prayer and ascetism. So what's the difference to religion set by creator god?