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"He is with you"

Discussion in 'Islam DIR' started by Sajdah, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. Sajdah

    Sajdah Al-Aqsa Is In My Heart.

    May 11, 2008
    [57:4] He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days and then rose over (Istawâ) the Throne (in a manner that suits His Majesty). He knows what goes into the earth and what comes forth from it, and what descends from the heaven and what ascends thereto. And He is with you (by His Knowledge) wheresoever you may be. And Allah is the All-Seer of what you do.

    Always online: Poem by Sister Weaam Mahmoud.

    It was once upon a night when I couldn’t go to bed
    Thoughts and wonders overwhelmed my head
    So I decided to connect online to search for someone to reach instead
    And suddenly I received a message that said
    You have reached the realm of Mine
    Contact me, for I am Always Online

    Ok, to the message I replied
    Yet, yourself to me you have not identified
    But for some reason, your message made me weep I cried
    I wonder who you are and within my self sighed
    I am the Owner of sunset and sunshine
    I am here for you, for I am Always Online

    But how is it that I never realized you before
    Tell me about you, I want to know more
    I am so happy I reached you and knocked upon your door
    I think I am about to find what I was long looking for
    Close I have always been but you were constantly offline
    Whilst I’ve ever been here for I am Always Online

    Witness my presence, I am all around
    For, every single thing I do surround
    I listen to everything, even the lowest sound
    And know everything what is beyond your bound
    The skies I have established and paved under them the ground
    The whole cosmos by my word was found

    Oh, with you I am truly obsessed
    Upon my senses your Powers have possessed
    Is it you, have I correctly guessed?
    But in this world I have foolishly messed
    Never mind, regret what you’ve done and towards me incline
    And remember that I am Always Online

    In my companionship your nights attend
    And repair your relationship with me and mend
    My Amnesty is infinite, it has no end
    I treat you with not what you do but what you intend
    My love and Mercy to you I daily send
    So powerful I am, but still closer than the closest friend

    Free yourself from being to this limited life a slave
    With love worship me and praise me for what I gave
    Enlighten with my love your forthcoming grave
    And your desires to an eternal life save
    With Me, the whole world I will refine
    Just stay connected, with me for I am Always Online

    What is this yearning anxiety, I cannot wait
    I am so much in love and all Your grants appreciate
    I want to ask for something but dare hesitate
    Is it possible that we could ever date?
    Sure in a better place, I’ve prepared so fine
    Just watch how much you’ve connected with me here online

    And I promise with My Sight I will you amaze
    With an everlasting pleasurable gaze
    Struggle a little and I will guide you My Ways
    And During night and sunshine be in My Praise
    I will give you about me more than one sign
    But I am so different than anything you thought of whilst you were online.
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  2. Peace

    Peace Quran & Sunnah

    Oct 8, 2004
    Wow great poem dear sister! Thanks for sharing it with us :)
    Very true, Allah is always with us and near us. He is indeed our permanent companion, alhamdulillah! :)
  3. Sajdah

    Sajdah Al-Aqsa Is In My Heart.

    May 11, 2008
    May Allah bless you my dear sister Peace :)
  4. Sajdah

    Sajdah Al-Aqsa Is In My Heart.

    May 11, 2008
    O Allah! All praise is due to You.
    Yours is all sovereignty.
    All good is in Your hands.
    To You is the determination of all affairs,
    both the hidden and the manifest
    You are the most deserving to be praised
    and You have power over all things.
  5. Sajdah

    Sajdah Al-Aqsa Is In My Heart.

    May 11, 2008
    O Allah
    to You is praise as appropriate
    to the Majesty of Your Face and the Magnificence of Your Sovereignty.
  6. Sajdah

    Sajdah Al-Aqsa Is In My Heart.

    May 11, 2008
    [29:5] Whoever hopes for the Meeting with Allah, then Allah's Term is surely coming and He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.

    When Will We Meet Again by Ameena Ansari.

    "Ya Allah, possessor of my soul,
    The Knower of the secrets of hearts...
    When will we meet again? "

    I count the days that will be my lifetime,
    Walking with intention.
    Praying I will be
    close to you once again.

    Friendships, relationships, dance and weave,
    Fade in and out of my lifetime.
    These tests will be just like a dream,
    No matter now, how real they seem.

    "Ya Allah, possessor of my soul,
    The Knower of things hidden...
    When will we meet again?"

    Will I be worthy?
    Will I be pure?
    This is my worry, this is my fear,
    Will I meet You with a heart sincere?

    I search for You in all that I do.
    Trying to keep my intention true.
    But still, it's a struggle against my nafs.

    Even though my knowledge seems to grow,
    I find the same struggle with my desires.
    The purification seems so slow,
    To put out those inner fires.

    Let the last of my actions,
    Be the best of my actions.

    And when it's time to meet You again,
    Let it be when and only when...
    I have tasted the true sweetness of Faith.

    When I live by Your Din,
    When I establish Your Word,
    When I become an Ambassador to the Ambassador,
    (Sallullaho Alayhi WaSallam).
    Let it be then, walking with intention,
    That I take my last breath.

    Ya Allah, let me use Your beautiful loan, To race to do good with all I own.
    And let me win this dream-like race.
    With the beautiful reality of Your Face.

    "Ya Allah, possessor of my soul,
    The Knower of things hidden...
    When will we meet again? "​
  7. Sajdah

    Sajdah Al-Aqsa Is In My Heart.

    May 11, 2008
    The Camel, The Cat, The Bird poem by Weaam Mahmoud:​

    Before your life comes to an end
    And back to the dust descend

    Yes, I am the voice that you heard
    Why do you react in a manner so absurd?
    I am your insight
    The voice of inner light
    Are you trying to run away?
    Why don’t you try to stay?
    Busy in your play?
    But after the dark, I am your gleaming ray

    Why are you looking at me and frowning
    You think you’re diving, you’re actually drowning
    I am offering more than that reserve of oxygen
    I tell you now, you tell me then
    And every time I ask you when
    You repeat the same answer again

    But if you don’t come, I’ll go
    You’ll lose, within you that illuminating glow
    And I just want you to know
    That I’ve come like a camel so big, so clear, so slow

    So, remove this blindfold
    And take of me strong hold
    I am a moment of gold
    Don’t immerse in your desires and sink
    Come on, there is no time to think
    Or else, I will quickly shrink
    From a camel into a cat
    Still clear, but small, and can run just like that

    Come along and don’t your time waste
    I want to show you what I have for you to taste
    If you don’t hurry up and come in haste
    Then, I might pass by a third
    But this time I’ll be as small as a bird
    That flies freely in space
    And soon of me you’ll find no trace
    I may be your last chance
    So, either stay in your trance
    And enjoy the dance
    Or to the joy of eternity take a glance

    HUH!!! What have you just said?
    I’ll soon be among the dead
    And underneath will be my coming bed
    Wait I’ll come instead

    When I don’t deserve but still earn
    When things happen in front of me to learn
    When I arrive late but still find my turn
    I won’t turn my back, for I might not return

    And suddenly, into tears I burst
    Why didn’t I respond from the very first?
    All this harmony and bliss
    Was that what I was going to miss?
    Everything inside me happened to shake
    I am finally awake
    What I’ve not seen before is now apparent
    Everything now has become transparent.​
  8. blm2007

    blm2007 Member

    Aug 1, 2009
    That was really an outstanding poem.Allah is everywhere and He is right in our hearts,the only difference is that even knowing this truth we don't realize often.Allah is always waiting to answer our calls but it is us who forget and remain busy in all other stuffs but do not remember Allah at all.So we should not forget this and should try our best to remember Him and do what we are sent for.
    #8 blm2007, Sep 17, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 17, 2009
  9. Onkara

    Onkara Well-Known Member

    Sep 11, 2009
    Beautiful posts.
    Where is the seperation between Allah and ourselves?
    Respectfully, Onkarah.