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He Gets Us - I think this one was on the Super Bowl


Hindu Wannabe
What was the reason for banning advertisement?

Religious TV advertizing is forbidden in Germany. It's just like that.

In Germany, there is a "Broadcasting Media State Treaty" that prohibits it. It is probably because the "traditional" churches, the Lutheran and Catholic churches (which are public corporations), help negotiate this treaty, although their influence has been steadily declining since the 1970s at the latest. Perhaps it's a way for them to keep competitors at bay.

It seems to be the case in America that certain people found religious communities in order to earn a living. I suspect that this behavior is considered "unethical" by the traditional churches and should be suppressed. In the meantime, however, there are programs of televangelists available here as well, programs of German-speaking preachers as well as international ones, so I don't really think the measure is appropriate.

In the 18th century, Germany had absolutism, in which the respective sovereign decided what religion his subjects should have. I suspect the attitude of the traditional churches is still a remnant of that authoritarianism.


Well-Known Member
I did- your comment was to me "Let'm advertise" as if I had challenged it. Here's some salt to eat with your words.

sun rise said:
Advertising for Jesus to me reduces him to a commodity like beer or some politician.
That sounds like glib bull ****.
Let'm advertise.

If you look at all the Super Bowl adds, their entirety it about appealing to potential buyers and selling commodities. This add was one of dozens of adds. The question is, how would you reach people, who live in the shallows of Madison Ave and conspicuous consumption, to see something that is deeper? When in Rome do as the Romans do.

Some people on the Left got very defensive with this <5% total ad time, connected to religion, since they feel they have monopoly control in the shallows of Madison Ave. They feel threatened since this ad may open the door to a more open discussion, that can undermine that monopoly, unless they can nip it in the bud with lawyers and laws.

St Paul said, He became all things to all men so he could at save some. When at the Super Bowl, be a fan and buy an ad, to both entertain and to sell, so you can find those who can be saved.


aged ecumenical anthropologist
I heard a story on NPR today. That stated this ad campaign is spending $100 million. The source of the money is unknown but some people suspect it is the hobby lobby, people and other evangelical Christians.
Well, I guess that's a victory of sorts, as Hobby Lobby has been heavily involved with supporting right-wing politics and the "religious right" that all too often take positions that are the antithesis of what Jesus taught.


Veteran Member
I don't see what all the hype is about. They can have commercials for everything else, why not Jesus? It's supposed to be a free country.