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Happy VaikunTha EkAdashi - Did you enter VaikunTha today?

Discussion in 'Hinduism - Devotion and Practice DIR' started by ameyAtmA, Jan 13, 2022.

  1. ameyAtmA

    ameyAtmA ~ ~
    Premium Member

    Dec 25, 2013
    VAsudev-KRshNa's disciple ; Open Hindu

    || om namo bhagavate vAsudevAya ||
    || om namo nArAyaNAya ||

    On VaikunTha Ekadashi, many temples opened the special North Door 'DwAr' - to let devotees enter 'VaikunTha', to take darshan of a very beautifully dressed Shriman NArAyaNa, and then go on a procession with the Utsav mUrtis - Shri Devi, Bhu Devi, NArAyaNa.

    The door is kept open until evening for those who missed the morning utsav.

    I did something 'crazy' unconventional -- took my KAnhU to the temple (Little Krishna - Damodar).
    KAnhU had a lovely time on procession and He enjoyed being adored by the ladies, one hand engrossed in the pot of maakhan, He enjoyed the procession and the Vitamin D after so long. Was cute in a sweater, decked in 4 jewelled mAlAs , a crown, pearl bracelets, and a yellow dress. It was nice to get that sweater off after a while.
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