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New Member
I'm a 21 year old British student currently taking a gap year to figure out what I actually want to do. Anyway, I'm much interested in religions and society; I enjoy reading, researching and finding ways of applying knowledge in the most useful way possible! I'll poke around later to get in tune with the place.

I hope you can welcome me :)

With kind regards


Treasure Hunter
Hello!! Welcome to the forums. :D

I think you'll like it here. Most members are pretty nice, and you should find this a pleasant place, espeically after the elections (in the states) are over. :D


Welcome abaord. Gap years interest me. What's the figures on people taking gap years actually going back to get further educated?


New Member
Thank you everybody for your warm welcomes :)

Lol whereismynotecard, I got that ;) and I bet peeps on the board are cool.

kadzbiz, I'd say around 24% of students take a gap year. During this time students of gap year partake in various activities, not just one. It's beneficial for both the individual and society, I wasn't so keen on taking out a gap however due to a few circumstances I had to. However, it's better than I thought, I'm enjoying it to the max and I can foresee returning to Uni much happier with the experience and insight I'm currrently acquiring on gap. Plus, you're also likely to be funded over gap year if you're a definite student of a University the following year.

Ciao everyone :D