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Gospel Of Barnabas (Part -One )

Discussion in 'Abrahamic Religions DIR' started by Shamuwn, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Shamuwn

    Shamuwn New Member

    is a revelation of truth that was banished from circulation because it contained too many facts about the life and ministry of Jesus.
    It would have destroyed the Nicean Council's entire basis of the new concocted religion, Christianity.
    Forgeries of Barnabas' book have been recorded throughout the years.
    However, baba afrika was given the original book in Syraic Arabic in 1973 A.D. in the Sudan, by an old Sufi, his mentor, As Sayyid Mahmuwd (photo).

    Source: The Glory of Jesus the Messiah

    Why Was The Gospel of Barnabas Among Other Books Re- move From The Bible , If The Scripture's Are From The Creator Of The Heaven's And The Earth . And Who Told The Man To Re- move Then And Why . What Were They Hideing From You ??????? Some Book That Was Re - Move From The Bible . The Book Of The Covenant Code ( Exodus 24 ; 7 )

    The Lost Book Of The Law ( 2Kings 22; 8 ) ...

    The Book Of The Wars Of The Sustainer ( Numbers 21 ; 14 )

    The Book Of Jasher ( The Prohet Joshua 10 ; 13 ) ...

    The Book Of Shemaiah ( 2Chronicles By Prophet Ezra 12 ; 15 )

    The Book Of Chronicles ( 2Kings 15 ; 15 , 1Kings 14; 19 )

    The Book Of Life ( Revelation 3 ; 5 , Philippians 4 ; 3 )

    The Book Of Samuel The Seer And Nathan The Prophet ( 1Chronicles 29 ; 29

    The Book Acts Of Soomon ( 2Chronicles 9 ; 29 ) ..

    Again I Ask Why Were These Books Remove From The Scripture If The Creator Put Them There , And What Were The Men Who Remove Them Trying To Hide ..

    If Yashua Was God As Some Christian Believe Why Would He Have To Read Out Of ( Luke 4 ; 15 - 24 ) . If He Wrote The Bible .

    The Subject Of This Post Is One Of Interest To A Great Miltitude Of People . Why ? The Reason Is That Many People Who Have Any Kind Of Knowledge Of The Gospel Of Barnabas Have Their Own Opinions Of It . Some Believe It Exists , Others Do Not Some People Have Been Programmed To Believe It Was Made Up Gospel . And There Are Other Who Do Not Know What Believe About It At All . The Purpose Of This Post Is To Enlighten Every Here To The Gospel Of Barnabas . It Is A Beautiful , Awesome And Inspiring Work , Which Will Guide You On A Journey Through Time To The Period That Holds The Key To Understanding This Magificent Story . Once You Understand The True Account Of This Worthy Disciple , You Will No Longer Be Held Prisoner By Belief In The Trinity , The Crucifixion Of Jesus ( The Messiah , PBUH ) . And The Many Other Christian Falsehoods .

    I Ask You To Read This Post And Let Me Teach You About The Man , Barnabas , And His Enlightening Writings That Have Been Classed Simultaneously As Apocalyptic ( A Writting Prophesying A Cataclysim In Which Evil Forces Are Destroyed ) And Apocryphal ( Early Christians Writing Not Included In The New Testament ) . Now , What Would The Deceivers Have You Believe ? How Could A Piece Of Writing Be Both Revealing And Concealing At The Same Time ? They Have No Answers , Of Course , Because The Gospel Of Barnabas Does Not Cocceal Anything . The Only Thing Being Hidden Is The Truth ; And The Devil ( CH ) Is Hiding It From You . Let It Be Know That The Gospel Of Barnabas Is A Revelation Of Truth . Now It Is Time For This Great So - Called Mystery To Be Unveiled . I Know That The Gospel Of Barnabas , And The Story Of His Life , Is Not A Mystery ; And I Intend To Prove It .

    The Gospel Of Barnabas The Four Gospels Of The New Testament Do Not Attempt To Capture The Whole Story Of The Life Of Jesus Christ ( PBUH ) Nor Do They Claim To Be The Only Genuine Record Of That Extraordinary Event . Book Of John ( Son Of Zebedee From The Arabic Bible ) 21 ; 25 , And I Quote ; And There Are Also Many Other Things Which Jesus Did , The Which If They Should Be Written Every One , I Suppose That Even The World Itself Could Not Contain The Book That Should Be Written . Amen .

    Indeed The Early Centuries Of The Church Saw The Production Of Many Gospels , Acts , Epistles , And Revelations Which Were Not Included In The Official Canon Of The Bible , Though Some Of These Were Highly Regarded By Early Christian Communities . Despite Their Exclusion From The Bible , Certain Of These Works Called '' Apocryphal '' Or '' Hidden '' , Were Works Whose Doctrine Was True And Sound And Which The ( Church ) Fathers Allowed To Be Used Privately . But Forbade To Be Read Publicly At The Meetings Of Christians .

    Exactly Which Books Should Be Included In The New Testament Was A Question Which Occupied The Church For Many Centuries . Among The Gospels Omitted By The Authority Of The Church Were ; The Gospel Of The Hebrews , The Gospel Of The Egyptians , The Gospel Of Peter , The Gospel Of James , The Gospel Of Thomas , The Gospel Of Barnabas And Many , Many More . The Gospel Of Barnabas , Like The Gospel Of John , Contained Information On This Coming Of The Promised Comforter ( Muhammad PBUH ) . Barnabas ( HWON ) , However , Takes It Further In Detail And Also Proves That Jesus ( PBUH ) , The Messiahg , Was Not Crucified ; And That It Was Judas Iscariot Who Was Put On The Cross .
  2. Shamuwn

    Shamuwn New Member

    For These Obvious Reasons . The Version Of Barnabas ( HWON ) Account Of Jesus ( PBUH ) Life And Ministry Was Removed From The New Testament . This Removal Was By Decree Of The Council Of Nicaea , Which Convened In 325 A.D. Under The First Christians Emperor Of Rome , Constantine . The Council Of Nicaea , Was Organized To Settle The Differences Of Opinions Pertaining To The Scriptures . It Indicated What Should Be Taught In The Church . Among The Things They Sanctioned Were Certain Pagan Ideas And Customs . These Were Disguised As The True Teaching Of Jesus The Messiah ( PBUH ) . In This Council Began The Doctrine Of The Trinity And The Resurrection . The Council Of Nicaea Subtracted The Gospel Of Barnabas From The Original Bible Because Barnabas ( HWON ) Recorded The Prophecy And Other Truths That Could Not Be Altered Concerning The Life And Teaching Of Jesus The Messiah ( PBUH ) . It Banned The Publications Of The Gospel Of Barnabas And Called It Apocryphal , Meaning Hidden .

    The Manusript From Which The Gospel Of Barnabas Was Translated Into Italian From English Originally Belonged To Pope Sextus ( 1521 - 1590 ) . Its Resting Place Was The Vatican Library . A Friend Of His Stole This Gospel By Concealing It In The Sleeve Of His Robe . From Him It Passed Through Different Hands , Untill It Found Its Way Into Vienna Where It Remaiend . This Is Not The Original , But It Was A Translation . The Original Was In Arabic And Hebrew Where It Was Kept Safe By The Essenne . In The Early Twentieth Century , An Italian Manuscript Was Translated Into English And Then Printed And Published By The Oxford University Press . All But Two Copies Of These Edition Were ( Burnt ) . One Of These Two Copies Is In The British Muscum , The Other Is In The Library Of Congress In Washington .

    These Are Some Man - Made Versions Of The Gospel Of Barnabas From Pakistan And Trinidad . They Have Distorted The Words Because They Did Not Have The Original Arabic Gospel Of Barnabas To Translate From . The Following Verse Was Translated Directly From Arabic . And I Quote ; .... But When Ahmad Shall Come . The Holy Apostle Of Allah , That Infanmy Shall Be Taken Away And This Shall Allah Do Because I Have Confessed The Truth Of The Messiah ; Who Shall Give Me . This Reward , That I Shall Be Known To Be Alive And To Be A Stranger To That Death Of Infamy ( Evil ) .

    The Following Quote Has Been Taken From One Of The False Version Of The Gospel Of Barnabas . Notice The Difference In The Translations !

    Gospel Of Barnaba ( 112 )
    .... But When Muhammad Shall Come , The Sacred Messenger Of Allah . That Infamy Shall Be Taken Away , And This Shall Allah Do Because I Have Confessed The Truth Of The Messiah ; Who Shall Give Me This Rewaed , That I Shall Be Known To Be Alive And To Be A Stranger To That Death Of Infamy ( Evil ) .

    Notice How They Have Inserted The Name Of Muhammad ( PBUH ) Yet , Barnabas Used The Name Ahamd , They Change This Name To What They Wanted It To Read .

    Example Of The General Epistle Of Barnabas Translated The Lost Book Chapter 1 ; 1 - 2
    All Happiness To You My Sons And Daughters , In The Name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ , Who Loved Us In Peace . Having Perceived Abundance Of Knowldge Of The Great And Excellent Laws Of God To Be In You . I Exceedingly Rejoice In Your Blessed And Admirable Soul . Because Ye Have So Worthily Received The Grace Which Has Grafted In You .
  3. Shamuwn

    Shamuwn New Member

    Example Of The Gospel Of Barnabas Book One Chapter 1 ; 1 - 2
    In These Last Years , A Virgin Called Mary , Of The Lineage Of David Of The Tribe Of Judah , Was Visited By The Angel Gabriel From Allah . This Virgin Living In All Holiness , Without Offense Or Blame Abided With Prayer And Fasting . One Day As She Was Alone , The Angel Gabriel Entered Her Chamber , Saluted Her And Said , '' Allah Be With Thee , O Mary .

    Notices The Previous Two Quotes Have Nothing In Common . You Would Not Even Know They Were The Same Quotes From The Gospel Of Barnabas . They Have Distorted This Magnificent Gospel To Keep You In Total Darkness .

    Who Was Barnabas And What Was His Lineage ? ~ Barnabas ( HWON ) was a Levite , of the tribe of Israel , Totally coprised of the Priest ( Levitical Priest ) . He came from the Greek Island of Cyprus , Which is located in the Mediteranean Sea .

    Book Of Acts By Luke ( From The Arabic Bible ) 4 ; 35 , And I Quote ; And Joses , Who By The Apostles Was Surnamed Barnabas , ( Which Is , Being Interpreted , The Son Of Consolation , ) A Levite , And The Country Of Cyprus .

    The following is important , so pay close attention to what I say . Barnbas' family were very reputable people . His mother was a woman of Unquestionable Virtue . Now remember , he was an ordained Levitical Priest , well informed or matters of Religion And Law . The point is Barnbas' was a man of superior character and mortal excellence . No one questioned him . Now , compare his reputation to that of Jesus The Messiah ( Pbuh ) . The contrast is like right and day . Not that this holy Prophet of the Lord of the worlds was not a righteous man , but so many things raised doubt in the minds of the people . There were so many unanswered questions about his family and background . They always questioned his origin and the circumstances of his parentage . Therefore , they also questioned the virtue of his mother , Mary .

    Additionally , they questioned his educational background . How did he come by his knowledge of the law and religion ? How was he able to confound even the wisest and most scholarly of the temple doctors when he has never sat at the feet of any learnt men of that time ? Why did he contest them at every turn , and so vigoroulsy ? What honorable person could vouch for him ? And who was this '' Father '' of whom he spoke of all the time ? This was why the Israelites always incurred the wrath of Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta'Ala . Like most mortals , they were faithless and disputed what they did not understand .

    If they had truly believed in the Almoghty without reservation , the unusual circumstances of Jesus The Messiah ( Pbuh ) wouldn't have mattered and they would have accepted him and his teaching as coming from him . Jesus The Messiah ( Pbuh ) made them uncomfortable because he would not allow them to carry on their abominable discourtesies committed before Allah Ta 'Ala and his heavenly host . He upset the delicate balance of power and wealth established before Jewish Aristocrats and the Romans . He challenged the religious authority of the ranking Jewish Churchmen and threatened to undermine and expose the dark conspiracy between them and the Roman State . No , this fanatic could not be the Messiah to their way of thinking . Barnabas was more qualified to them .
  4. Shamuwn

    Shamuwn New Member

    What Was His Relationship With His Mentor ?
    Despite the fact that Barnabas was not one of the original twelve disciples , he proved himself to be one of . Jesus The Messiah ( Pbuh ) most faithful and trustworthy companions . Barnabas walked with Jesus The Messiah ( Pbuh ) from the inception of his mission and he remained steadfast and true the whole while . The accuracy and beauty with which he wrote his Gospel proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how devoted he was to his master . He was the only one who didn't flee in time of troublem and he never denied his master ! When Jesus The Messiah ( Pbuh ) needed a confidant , Barnabas was always there to listen and offer his solaces . He , more than anyone , absorbed and retained everything he had been taught .

    Barnabas , Son Of Comfort , Son Of Prophecy .
    So powerful and eloquent a speaker was this humble disciple that he moved the masses to tears whenever he spoke . His sincerity was apparent and the conviction of Barnabas as a man capable of giving solace and encouragement to others ' was what inspired the disciples and their beloved master to call him Barnabas , which means '' Son of Comfort .

    Book Of Acts By Luke ( From The Arabic Bible ) 4 ; 36 ( In Part ) And I Quote ; And Joses , Who By The Apostles Was Surnamed Barnabas , ( Which Is , Being Interperted , The Son Of Consolation , ) ....

    It was only fitting that a man such as Barnabas should write the only true account of Jesus The Messiah ( Pbuh ) life . So many events in his past pointed to his destiny as the one who would record the prophecy and identity of the Comforter !

    Gospel Of Barnabas 112 ( In Arabic ) And I Quote ; But When Ahmad Shall Come , The Holy Apostle Of Allah , That Infamy Shall Be Taken Away . And This Shall Allah Do Because I Have Confessed The Truth Of The Messiah ; Who Shall Give Me The Reward , That I Shall Be Know To Be Alive And To Be A Stranger To That Death Of Infamy ( Evil ) .

    Book Of John ( Son Of Zebedee From The Arabic Bible ) 14 ; 16 , And I Quote ; And I Pray The Father , And He Shall Give You Another Comforter , That He May Abide With You Forever .

    There is some dissension amongst Biblical Scholars concerning the correct Greek translation of the word '' Comforter '' . In one version , which is claimed as the authentic translation of the word '' Comforter '' . In one version , which is claimed as the authentic version , the Greek word used is Parakletos . However , in another version pointed out as an '' imperfect '' version , the Greek word is , Perikakutos . Now Perikakutos means '' Illustrious '' or '' Praise '' and is a curious word that finds its origin in the Arabic roots Hamada means '' Praised '' and is the stem of Ahmad '' Praise '' and Muhammad '' One Who Is Worthy Of Praise '' .

    But what is even more curious about the whole situation is no matter which word is used - Parakletos ( Comforter ) or Perikakutos ( Praise ) - both are in reference ro The Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin ( Pbuh ) . The prophecy still stands . The truth is indeed the light . The closer you draw to that light , the brighter it grows in your hearts . The Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin ( Pbuh ) . was also know as the Prophet Apostle because he not only came with the revealed Seal Of The Scriptures ; Al Qur'aan , But he would explain those laws which were revealed to man previous to him .

    Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta'Ala said .... '' I Shall Send Thee As My Apostle Of Salvation ... Muhammad Is His Blessed Name ... In the Arabic language , Ahmad ( Another Name For The Prophet Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin ( Pbuh ) means '' Praise '' . Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta'Ala blessed him and called him '' Muhammad '' which means ; '' One Who Is Worthy Of Praise . .... Ahmad Praise - Muhammad ; One Who Is Worthy Of Praise

    Book Of John ( Son Of Zebedee Arabic Bible ) 16 ; 7 - 8 , And I Quote ; Nevertheless I Tell You The Truth ; It Is Expedient For You That I Go Away ; For If I Go Not Away , The Comforter Will Not Come Unto You ; But If I Depart , I Will Send Him Unto You . And When He Is Come He Will Reprove The World Of Sin , And Of Righteousness . And Of Judgment . . '' The Prophet Muhammad ( Pbuh ) Is This Person In The Bible Who Jesus The Messiah ( Pbuh ) Called Another Comforter ; Someone Other Than Himself Who Will Come After Him . Al Mu'aazi - The Comforter or Illustrious One . comes from the stem which means '' Comfort , Console , Condole , Condole With , Take Patience . ''

    Gospel Of Barnabas 72 ( In Arabic ) And I Quote ; Jesus Answered '' Let Not Your Hear Be Troubled , Neither Be Ye Fearful ; For I Have Not Created You , But Allah Our Creator Who Hath Created You Will Protect You As For Me . I Am Now Come To The World To Prepare The Way For The Apostle Of Allah Who Shall Bring Salvation To The World . But Beware That Ye Be Not Deceived For Many False Prophets Shall Come . Who Shall Take My Words And Contaminate My Gospel .

    In Completing The Task Of Bringing The Prophecies Of The Comforter And The True Account Of Jesus The Messiah ( Pbuh ) To Light Barnabas Also Fulfilled The Other Meaning Of His Blessed Name ; Son Of Prophecy '' .
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