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"God is sufficient unto me"..... a Baha'i hymn

Discussion in 'Baha'i Faith DIR' started by arthra, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. arthra

    arthra Baha'i

    Dec 21, 2004

    “God is sufficient unto me” a Baha’i hymn:

    The lyrics for “God is sufficient unto me”:

    God is Sufficient Unto Me (p. 41)

    God is sufficient unto me.

    He verily is the all sufficing.

    In Him let the trusting trust,

    In Him let the trusting trust,

    In Him let the trusting trust.

    Each day recall My name

    And with each day My thought

    Penetrates into your heart.

    Then are you among those

    Who are always in God's thoughts.

    Compilation of Bahá'í Songs

    "Every day one of the Babi prisoners was released from his stocks and chains and taken to the gallows. Baha'u'llah related how He taught the facing lines to sing verses in response to each other. One row would sing, 'God is sufficient unto me; He verily is the All-Sufficing!', and the other would reply, 'In Him let the trusting trust."

    (Nabil-i-A’zam, the Dawn-Breakers, p. 461)

    Prisoner in the Siyah-Chal
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