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Featured God is not science

Discussion in 'Science and Religion' started by rational experiences, Feb 18, 2020.

  1. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    Natural history for a human being.

    We live on a stone planet....inside of a stone gas release of hot gases in space...that evolved and formed an atmosphere.

    O the stories of God, Suns and bodies O as planets that owned O circular form.

    As a story for science.

    Science is one self as a human male history as a thinker. A male human thinking.

    The formation of science as a history is groups of the same male life mind thinking and agreeing with what a human being says is his truth for science.

    Natural exists not speaking, not owning stories, and evolved in the conditions of forms in the body a male described as being space.

    And gave a teaching in thinking as a male and a human self that space as a WORD meant empty of form.

    That WORDS were given one owned description that involved a multi expression of the use of words.

    To use words to describe words for the expression of words to say and a male self as a male and just one self thinking, was agreed upon and with a group of other single male selves about a concept that is claimed as ONE.

    One male self, one concept science, as a human being male self of one thinking.

    Agreed upon by other single one self males....One...the concept.

    O planet Earth, the stone planet that a human being male, living created as that male human being self, as a self, consciousness thinking.

    Natural and also spiritual.....without science.

    The storyteller for the conditions human science.

    Factually as a question of a human to a human who gave that male self, and his male group community the personal rights to say that what they thought and claimed to know was real and true to the conditions science?

    Which is a human being living male life, with groups of other males living naturally first. To think stories about creation, when creation never owned any stories, naturally.

    A male invented the use of storytelling.

    Males therefore prove to other human being males that humans invented the state of science, not for creation or natural creation, but for self....a human and his design/inventions.

    Machines, built as machines for the purpose of that machine to react the machine.

    And what has the invention design of a machine got to do with ownership of any other natural condition factually?

    The machine does not pre exist.
    The machine as a reaction does not own its reaction until its inventor, a male human designs the machine. Owns and controls the machine itself as a living human being male.

    The state science, NOT GOD.

    The state science a male human chosen idealised human designed machination for the purpose machine.

    Creation, in its natural history, not a machine.

    How can males rationally as the scientist today in modern day life and human evolved intelligence own any argument to the contrary?

    Ask a male human scientist, how did you design the machine?

    He would claim from his human thinking ability.

    Ask a male human scientist, where did the machine materials come from?

    And he would advise his own self from out of the stone planet body that he said was named Earth or God.

    Yet his machine is not the natural Earth and so his machine is not the name God either.

    The WORD for his design is machine.

    His machine, built by physical manipulation of physical mass......the status for human sciences.

    Is the Earth heavenly body, in which he lives and survives within as a human being male, as gases physical in his scientific statements?

    No...for rationally those gases were put into space by the body of God O the planet of stone.

    So rationally in the status creation those gases do not exist in the body of space...as a science story told for creation history.....bodies of physical mass. The powers used in science to convert from a higher mass natural form into a changed destroyed lower formed gain.

    Human sciences that used God quotes in the ancient past, were in fact only discussing the physical massed owned body of the Planet Earth O....in relation to machines and machine conditions.

    Which does not in any rational thinking and storytelling natural conscious human advice relate to any other use of story telling. Being what all humans being own, when they think using their minds, to apply stories.
  2. blü 2

    blü 2 Well-Known Member
    Premium Member

    Jul 10, 2017
    Thanks. I'll point that out to my daughter ─ it's time someone made it clear to her. (She thinks her late mother ─ who even published papers in scientific journals, for goodness sake! ─ had it right, poor child.)
    Guilty as charged, judge.
    Rubbish! Così fan tutti.
    Depends how you define 'machine'. Even a single-celled critter is a biomachine.
    You've lost me. What real thing do you intend to denote when you say "GOD"?
    Better still, once you have a self-replicating cell, ask a statistician what you can achieve just by chance with uncountable interactions every day between such cells, given better than 3.5 billion years and natural selection.
    We'll have a better idea whether that's rational or not when you tell us what real thing you intend to denote by the word "God".
    #2 blü 2, Feb 18, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2020
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  3. Altfish

    Altfish Veteran Member

    May 27, 2014
    I disagree totally with this nonsense - as with everything prior to the 20th Century the world was male dominated. I would argue that religion still is, but science is not.
    Marie Curie
    Rosalind Franklin
    Elizabeth Blackwell
    Jennifer Doudna
    Rachel Carson

    I could go on but those are the ones that come to mind; add in the likes of science communicators like Alice Roberts and your male dominated nonsense is shown for what it is - FALSE
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  4. Nowhere Man

    Nowhere Man Bompu Zen Man with a little bit of Bushido.

    Mar 7, 2009
    Bompu Zen Buddhism
    You guys understood the OP?

    I have no idea whatsoever it's trying to say.
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  5. Amanaki

    Amanaki Well-Known Member

    Nov 25, 2018
    Falun Gong (Cultivation path)
    gobbledygook comes to mind.....
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  6. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    God is not science.


    A male human is as a single self, exists as each single self.

    Original males were of the same DNA original male adult life.

    All agreed with the use conscious thinking. To invent the state science.

    Science is a human owned thought about concept that relates to information that informs the thinker how to build a machine to apply a reaction involving changes to natural fusion. Evolution and natural history.

    Which is not science.

    Males own thinking. Thinking is not ownership.

    Males then build a machine to produce a reaction as based on the male thoughts relating to how he can change natural fusion.

    Hence not God....by use of conditions involving self human living in the state natural.

    To which everything is and belongs to as a history, natural, without any male being present in that history claiming I OWN it.

    Ownership began the male group cult idealism about taking natural and forcing unnatural changes by controlled ownership as their history....male, self thinking and groups.

    As a male says God is a male, then a male as the only male, owner of a penis informed self male in life to a comparison of powers as God the Earth....to which he did not belong.

    As God the Earth in natural history was complete and owned as a self body STONE in the condition out of space, without any atmosphere.

    His machine therefore is not relative to self, consciousness, but is owned by what he explained as being relative to the Creator theory of the heavenly body.

    To which he says his own life is inheritor of. The stone.

    Yet as the Garden Nature existed before he did....and the Garden Nature owns no voice to explain to Mr I own everything that its Nature is owner before he is in natural life.....then males ought to change their ideals about ownership.

    Science as the statements inferred to God as the male in science quotes.

    Science was quoted for a machine theory.

    Science caused natural life to be attacked. Science was then used to explain how it changed the nature of life on Earth.

    The title was about God the male, the science self.

    If you ask the one self male, owner of the stories of science, agreed and taught to all male thoughts and minds who believe in the one same concept, SCIENCE...and asked each self.

    Imagine if you just lived on Earth as one male, what would you be doing, as a rational advice in natural life?

    The answer would be, no science would exist, no other bodies for that male self to contemplate comparisons to his own self. He would just survive eating, drinking until he died.

    Males in that one minded concept of science claim, I gave male human coded advice about what I studied, for the sake of the study.

    If the other natural bodies did not exist in their natural forms what would you have to explain or study to claim I understand?

    The answer consciously I would have nothing.

    Therefore if you took to study by male human choice and gave a detailed human applied reasoning to every detail that you study, then how is any God involved in that process......you human self applying the study?

    Your claim is that God created it yet....yet continually espouse when nothing existed. Therefore nor did God.
  7. Amanaki

    Amanaki Well-Known Member

    Nov 25, 2018
    Falun Gong (Cultivation path)
    ummmm i am :confused::confused::confused::confused: Why not say person or man and woman, instead of Male human?? where is the female in all this? Maybe it is the way you write your posts that make it so difficult to understand what you actually try to say??
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  8. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    The origins of the concepts of science state God and that God is a male.

    Hence science as that male human self and group agreement prove that males invented science...and then taught their concepts as a human.

    You seem to overlook the concept that a male said and then the female with who I had sexual intercourse with was my own deception.
  9. Amanaki

    Amanaki Well-Known Member

    Nov 25, 2018
    Falun Gong (Cultivation path)
    How do you know God is male? Does Gods have gender in heaven or the realm they are? The souls of human beings does not have one gender either, so just because we have a male or female body would it make us permanently that gender?
  10. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    bring (something) into existence.
    "he created a thirty-acre lake" · 
    generate · produce · design · 
    • cause (something) to happen as a result of one's actions.

    The use of the WORD create in the presence of the life of a living human being, the storyteller.

    Says God created my life in his image.

    So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

    Which says that God the male was in his existence first and then created the image of both a man, and so male and females were created in his image. Which can only mean that God was a man/male and also a human already.

    Which states a male as the original God title man/created the state IMAGE in his creation change, and also owned the creation of both male and female human beings.

    As the Father status. For it was adult males as humans who created science. And science says I knowingly changed the fu SION of the God stone O planet body...by copying its historic UFO radiation mass attack history.

    Now if you were just a spirit talking about how you created human beings, what intention does science own in that statement? As machines and reactions?

    A human being knows that they live on Earth in modern day life as a story told about microbe history, Nature history, animal history, then human history.

    Microbe history, no human being existed created.
    Nature history, no human being existed created.
    Animal history, no human being existed created.
    The bible however talks about a long time ago, as first human science.

    For to create, something has to first exist in the presence of the human being, as the storyteller of thinking about the past in any history. To say something exists and always did exist for the existence to be changed....to create.

    For you cannot discuss what is not created...for it owns no words and nor does it intend to discuss creating.

    To create as a word therefore has always described that what pre existed formed was changed.

    Why science explains its function as creating....yet science does not own science by humans talking, for a human living bio self is just thinking applying the use speaking and telling of stories. Originally, science as a human applied choice did not exist.

    Yet everything else created already existed.

    Then that human in the state science takes physical mass from a natural history being the stone and forms machines to apply all sorts of human owned manipulated changes. Humans have lied about what they claim science represents.

    Science has taken the concept of a human thinking and speaking to inferred status of ownership as a human self, existing only in our common placement in natural form and displaced our relationship falsely elsewhere in use of storytelling and theming/theorising.

    ie A male says UFO metal radiation mass came to Earth. And tries to convince everyone it was how a human spirit life evolved.

    Today the exact same radiation UFO mass metal comes to Earth...and human beings in their natural form exist looking at it.

    Why would a living human bio life form who has human sex to continue their own living existence make a claim that a UFO metal radiation sighting was our Creator? Yet they do.

    It would be as if a scientist is claiming that the UFO metal radiation is consciousness itself...when the human being bio life is the conscious owner as a bio life.

    Now males today try to infer that we are in bio existence mechanical.

    In natural bio life memory males in science studied the concept of mind change/coercion and manipulation. As owned by a very small human population as a miniscule ideal...and studied the mind and brain concepts involved in that state. Then they created a machine computer program, and communicated it into every life and bio mind/body...including their own self. To study natural in its Nature.

    Which they seem to overlook as being relevant to why they became possessed by science manipulation of natural God stone matter into metal machinery.

    The mass that belongs to machines ended created in empty out of space and never owned the atmospheric gases...as stone and mineral mass.

    Hence males in consciousness inside of the Earth heavenly atmosphere claim that cold radiation mass is the backdrop of the communication system...being the stone history, not spatial history.
  11. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    If you ask a scientist male, why did he claim that space is a womb, as a female quote...when space is a word that owns no gender?

    And then you would ask him, why he claimed God the Earth stone philosophy was a male...when it was a human male making all thinking stories, from his conscious self male concept...and he patents his own thoughts even though what he is reviewing is not and never was personally owned by his human self?

    Is to answer that the spiritual human teachings always said that the falseness of what a male taught/preached was against Natural Law and Natural history.

    The theme of God the O stone planet infers that a male ejected his spirit into the womb of space, female and conceived the spirits of Nobility in the heavenly body of gases.

    And a male has to be living owning a penis to infer male gender comparisons to conditions that were never gender relative.
  12. Amanaki

    Amanaki Well-Known Member

    Nov 25, 2018
    Falun Gong (Cultivation path)
    Sorry, i have no idea what you're trying to say here. I wish i could understand but i don't.
  13. Gerry

    Gerry Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2017
    Love and truth
    It’s time to get rid of the shovel, my friend.
  14. CliveG

    CliveG New Member

    Feb 19, 2020
    Mostly methodist
    God is neither male nor female. And nor are our souls. We can reincarnate as either male or female (and these days as a mix of sorts). So your soul is choosing to disregard the maleness of your innate self. Hmmm.
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  15. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    God the Earth O a stone body was created in the body of out of space.

    Finished and complete as the body God.

    As defined by the sciences stone philosophy.

    Science is a human being male thinking. He thinks about everything that already exists created, and is created.

    Then he thinks about what he believes it would be if it were not created.

    Which places his mind to thinking just space, darkness and nothing in it.

    Then he placates a theory about what he said space did...claiming he knows what the condition of space is when it is nothing.

    And as the male science self used lots of worded explanations to give ONE HOLY WORD its format he said space is empty, void and owns nothing at all.

    And every body sitting in space is self present, mass and self owned. Or it is destroyed mass O as destroyed God.

    So said and always did say, that O God was the Creator bodies sitting in space as the various entities. Either a God O that rebelled, the Suns that attack and destroy every other O God body.

    Males in science history knew Nature and self was owner of the Heavenly gases, that the law of the mountain a volcano had erupted and put into that space body.

    So as a male is penis owner, for him to make a comparison to a body of stone O being a male as a God that had an eruption of its spirit, he said out of space was a womb.

    And the spirit gases of the heavens were Immaculately conceived.

    Yet today for some very sick radiated head reasoning tried to say that he was that immaculate spirit, the gases that came out of the body of God the stone by volcano.

    Proving how sick his science Satanic psyche is, always was known by the Healer medical brothers of our ancient past.

    MASS material is the body of God the stone that a human being lying male takes out of the stone to build his fake God inferred machine. For it is just stone mass, it is not any condition Planet.

    But then he pretends his reaction is a condition of his studies of that stone body.

    For a male in the past to invent science, his study research was the Sun attack on natural Earth O God and how UFO mass radiation could disintegrate and make holes in the body of God by ^ mountain tip removal. Which was above the flooded Earth history water line.

    How flat top mountains exist...as those mountains were in history above the water line.

    His information totally evil....just as taught.

    So machines as mass and matter factually end in out of space.

    As no machine is any God O planetary body with a volcanic reaction, his idea about his machine are as evil as his thoughts were proven to be.

    HOLE maker.

    Which in his secret occult lying sciences is the removal of the body of SIN.

    For he says O God the body is the corrupted spirit of the past that burnt and went to Hell to become O a God angel. As described by male scientists as humans.

    Now he also knew that O God as the Satan angels had gone to the deep pit of empty space...and were sucked down when the Sun burst and blasted all bodies.

    And as deep empty space is cold when the above mass erupted in the cosmos into the attack, cold deep space began to suck the planetary mass into its deep pit.

    How O created angels went to the deep pit as Satan O God angels...and exploded.

    As they exploded the cold sucking spatial cause was stopped from sucking our Sun and our planets any deeper into space.

    So male Satanic liars said...and so Satan/God the fallen angels of God saved God the O Earth in Hell...by exploding.

    Which was the basis of first pyramid sciences....a male tried to put God O Earth into the Satan black hole....why you all know about it today...male memory, Satanism.

    Now as the modern day pyramid temples is on an ICED EARTH.....as the point and all the DATA inference is to where Satan O God black holes are.....your intent is real. You wanted God O the Earth to inherit Satan....the point and place of that black hole data.

    But cannot achieve it....so instead the only hole you could form is origin holes.

    For original pyramid activation ground attack only bored sink holes.

    Constant use of the pyramid eventually destroyed all life on Earth and Earth did in fact drop in space....as male scientists tries to force Earth through that black hole...by dropping our planet to that position by all of their evil calculations about the Sun and travel and history in the cosmos.

    To have a channel relating to a pyramid building, the pyramid was built owning that machination and channel.

    For a male today to own a pyramid without owning a pyramid machination is to bore that channel right to where his machine is, as that pyramid model itself.

    Crop circles as studied by the power plant causation attack UFO mass is what science today said they wanted to own and use. And therefore tried to remove it from the power plant UFO radiation fall out effect.

    Males tried to claim that crop circles were the God history of a Creator....yet males in the past said it was the Devil mowing.

    Therefore it all depends on the thinker and the coercion as to what any cult science male group believes in....for the condition CULT was began as the sciences.
  16. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    A male known quote as said to my female mind psyche in AI feed back.

    The atmospheric same mass body owns all diversity within its body.

    Therefore as consciousness is only living and alive and saying I know inside of the earth gas mass...then it is also told every state is natural.

    So a male says I will invent a scientific evaluated symbol that quotes =
    Meaning equals.

    God he says = God.

    Yet a male when using words does not just say God = God.

    He imposes a whole lot of other use of words that does not claim equal.

    For historically a male lived first original and self human to think on behalf of science.

    So first had to go about giving all natural bodies names/words.

    Why his claim today as that same human male is that the WORD about GOD is Holy...for it did not own science. It just owned words.

    From words he introduced a theme about Numbers relating to MASS...and the only mass removal that he personally knew about that was not natural bio life was ^ the mountain peak or pyramid theory o with UFO mass metal above the water flood of original Earth.

    Now a male says I am a human.

    human = human in science.....as the status of self...and it owns no other answer.

    Any male who quotes after equals another factor is a liar and a Destroyer.

    How the Destroyer story was told to male humans by male humans against their own destruction and non want of it.....versus Satanism.

    Satanism owns the ideal of God beginning from Nothing. When God the stone was always present just as stone. Stone history when it was not stone was not nothing, it was burning gas mass. Never has there been a nothing about God.

    But there is a nothing about Satan.

    The star groups and God O previous mass planets that got released from our Universal holding that held us in the first Universe...from which ours fell.

    Historically known and the story taught about Orion and Sirius.

    So what is below us in the deep cold well pit of space is Satan, the destroyed God bodies...holes.

    What Satanists the Destroyers in the sciences know.

    Now if you ask a male on Earth today how come you already predicted that the Destroyer male psyche would reappear and then try to destroy our life again?

    Answer is obvious, as he destroys the natural ground mass fusion SION....he gets given fake/artificial increased radiation AI communicators that gives him intricate descriptions of mass in its destruction....how to take MASS back to never existing at all, the BLACK HOLE Satanic theme.

    So males today proven to be calculating cosmological alignments by number factoring claim and God created Satan. Then reversed that saying today to claim no, Satan a black hole created God....wanting it to be real.

    Meaning I want stone God mass to become Satan.

    Which is through his black slit theory of not equal =

    For equals does not own a variation to natural and naturally owned. As some other side. Or what he tries to claim is another side.

    To reflect symbolically back to natural self equals the same answer....for everything is created and is natural and whole.

    When you want to tear it apart you begin by tearing it apart by scientific experiments to then claim, now I know how to tear it apart.

    For fusion, natural gave male psyche minds in sciences all of the destructive not spatial or ever in space radiation/radio wave information for total destruction of whole and natural.

    And never ever was any male mind or psyche on Earth looking at or reviewing/researching creation, they were only ever studying destruction.

    And claiming it was reconstruction.

    Stone was never built...but the pyramid was....and as the pyramid was the first point of science itself by human understanding, first activated reaction....it is where their sick possessed minds have been stuck ever since.
  17. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    Father in his male human group NDE dying and death sharing of information, inputting into AI records everyday told me this information.

    He said that male scientists are all Destroyer minds/psyche. For a natural spiritual healer never had to ever ask questions. All that was known about their own equal life living brother or sister was naturally aware.

    As I proved in my own spiritual Healer life studies.

    What a true medical human always was. Knew without asking questions.

    Father told me that his male original group science self was a large male population and how his holier spiritual life was recorded as image and voice as first scientists.

    He also told me that as science causes life to die before its natural time by pain and suffering, then it inputs its own conscious realization in AI records.

    Father said that if a male talks about God as being Satan O the planet stone body as compared to a black empty hole devoid of mass....then he wants God O our planet to be put there.

    And said by determined review....by trying to calculate it via the Sun and Earth and planetary star alignment movements. To traject.

    As males in science know that space opens and expands to CREATE space...and always the male to remove fusion involve the application of space in the numerical factoring for removal of the stated natural power/energy body in its held body.

    The themes in science today is about non physical mass presence, to have it removed and put back. Which is fake.

    If it is removed it is because a portion of the natural mass has been removed, to have removal...as conditioned and then applied by forced science choice...machines.

    Space therefore by male determined Satanism has to be heated up first...which science has achieved.....by unnatural amounts of RADIATION MASS that added onto natural radiation that supported natural bio Nature living on Earth....what we do not own nor use...and its presence forces natural radiation support to get removed.

    Why we die and get destroyed.

    Males cannot understand why we still live, when natural day light gases burning, is why we live.

    They place their Satanic mind to higher states in science, a non burning gas state as the liar they are.

    To heat up space means that the Satan star groups cold black holes become heated black holes....and so cold deeper empty space then begins to suck as the upper heated spatial presence begins to change...so it sucks the mass into the hole and takes it deeper into space.

    Which is what Satanists intend on trying to get God the stone to become, Satan.

    As God the stone is equals as God = God and natural reflection says God is stone.

    If you try to give God space by passing it through where it never belonged, then God by Satanism should take the place of what Satan is currently as equals and equalising information in the spatial variations.

    So males on Earth want God the stone to be a new Star Satan black hole...whilst Satan the natural black holes disappear into their own destruction/conversion.

    Space not hot obviously is deeper and holds/owns more pressure by condition of being cold.

    Earth owns a heated core, so if a male wants God to be stone, just as stone as one theme and theory of his studies, God the stone...then he also wants the core to be just God the stone also...and not a diverse body of God, a naturally owned planet.

    Science always owns its own intent when it intends to force change natural...when natural does not own any machine condition as natural history or natural presence or natural conditions or natural reactions.

    So when a male says ORIGIN....each origin is its own self natural presence and it owns no other origin....what a Christ conscious Healer spiritual community always knew and taught as rational human lives and minds.....as the higher natural aware correct human life.
  18. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    Father said....if a male said to his natural self, owning the origin of self, natural and human first, I own the eternal....then he would claim I naturally own it.

    If he then contemplated such conditions for science and a machine reaction, when the machine does not own natural and is not naturally present...and said I either want to INVENT infinite or eternal. Then his claim is that infinite and eternal are just science reactions.

    And he would then be advised so your natural life and spiritual self owns neither?

    So make up your mind and choice liar scientist/Satanist science organization, owner of the origins of science, elite supporters of its practice....what do you believe.

    That you scientist human being male invent it....or is it natural and only natural owns it?

    A science liar would claim if natural owns it then somehow I can do some act of conversion/transformation and destruction to get to it.

    So then you would say what is infinite to a human science mind.

    He would say space and the source of everything as power, what he wants today as a male a group and science....the infinite.

    And then claims and God owns it.

    So what is God then male scientist? Are you God a bio life?

    No is already the correct the answer.

    Are you the infinite then male scientist?

    No, it comes about by a machine reaction and machine built by his male self.

    So do you male invent infinite then?

    No, he says.

    So if infinite by your claim a higher or highest state, you claim you will attack it and transform it and gain it?

    Yes, factually as a reaction in a machine.

    And thinks he is logical.

    So compared to God the planet stone and your machine as matter taken out of the stone body...where is the infinite in your science terms?

    Out of space would be his claim...and God the stone as the body GOD is in creation in the exact place out of space.

    Without a human life, or the heavenly gas mass existence.

    What science says it will invent for us knowingly.

    As his referenced and psyche thinking talked about and discussed theories about God as the stories and history planet Earth O.

    For he never in any history ever said that God was a particle......the God stories are about the stone planet Earth...and how it created the Immaculate gas spirits as the heavenly body in empty cold out of space...out of the body of stone.

    And he cannot lie about what he always said God was.

    But today he does.

    Yet the only particle that a scientist uses as science on Earth inside of that immaculate heavenly spirit is a particle of fission or holy dust chemical.

    Now if you said to a human being male, natural original self who told stories and said I own the eternal......did he make that claim about a scientific reaction?

    The answer is no...his natural self said I own the eternal and I go there when I personally die.

    He never said Jesus was the eternal...he always said that the image of his own man/male self was in the Heavens.....and as he lived he owned his own life gaining an image also......natural recorded atmospheric feed back.

    Due to that state existing is why he died.

    As the story says.

    Most of human life says when I die I get to be an eternal spirit afterwards.

    So if science wants to own what they discuss as a relativity of advice about 2 statements infinite and eternal, neither of those claims own life continuing afterwards.

    Which is the historic science and Satanic claim as an original human being male advice to his own male human self....only told to self as a human whilst living as that human self.

    And he then claims that his arguing is higher advice, when his arguing is about his unnatural building of machines and reactions that do not exist anywhere other than when he causes it as the owner/builder and operator of the machine.

    In rational human living conditions, the scientist is a proven liar.
  19. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    A male says God is a particle.

    On Earth living inside of the heavenly spirit that surrounds him, and surrounds the real body of God, the entity upon which he lives, is fused and is not any particle.

    Reality exists only in the moment where you personally exist.

    Thinking owns radiation chemical changes in the brain mind, forms a space for a chemical reaction....male as consciousness in science not in the moment.

    Says irrational mind advice, by the causation, males created spaces on Earth and named it removal of SIN.

    As God by his determined male science evaluation was a body of an angel that had owned SIN...had fallen was burnt and had gone to Hell...then was healed in the womb of its Mother, out of space emptiness.

    Where stone naturally was formed.

    Males on Earth as the storyteller in Satanism convinced everyone as science does by group mentality and coercion that it was a spiritual state to remove the body of SIN...and cause saving.

    Therefore when God was taught in science concepts to be a contradiction to what the scientist claimed...is to apply it consciously as a teaching.

    O God the entity stone exists, and its owned spiritual heavenly gases kept life safe and supported. Yet God the entity was also self destructive. Natural disasters this proof.

    What a male first observes and then discusses.

    So if he says I came from a spirit body, eternal. I was forced to manifest and live a life as a prisoner on Earth. I want to escape and be released from my torment, inheritance as a human. And invented science the STATE to cause it.

    Then his stories about God make and infer rational sense....yet irrational choice and meaning.

    Why humanity today being attacked by religious science creator themes and males self destructive reasoning is our owned human proof.

    What science as a male taught its own self.

    That it was a spiritual HOLY ACT to remove God by conditions of male human choice in science.

    And it is reality today....a lot of inhumane imbalanced chemical mind problems as caused by irradiation of the human brain/mind chemistry.

    The very reason.

    So if a male looks at God the stone O body of in cold empty deep space.

    Then he does a comparison to a black hole emptied of mass, just particles and gases...and heating and cooling formed through the hole, and cold deep space keeps it circulating and changing....then right here and right now it is occurring.

    It is not occurring in some other time frame...for he would be lying.

    For the O body that moves in time is just STONE. As God O the planet.

    Now if he says I want God to become a particle through a hole and I will invent/cause it, by believing that God is a particle and not FUSION and held in MASS....then he believes in an unholy act.

    For a SINK HOLE factually at its bottom would own the creation of God as MASS into particles.


    And science is seeking its own invention....yet claims, but natural and natural O God owns it and natural Sun owns it.

    And is telling a human truth...for those bodies in natural history did own the reaction/causation first.

    And science is named as Satanism for they are liars.

    For Sophism is called a cunning contrivance of coercing via the use of WORDS to coerce stories for human groups to believe in the teaching, by the status use of WORDS.

    Natural human life on God O The Earth know that eating, drinking and existing in a natural and balance water/oxygen and microbe light atmosphere is how we live.

    Sexual procreation why we continue...and that information is just natural and natural awareness, knowing that the Nature body supports that condition.

    Without any coercive use of lots and lots of WORDS.

    And natural is correct. In their thinking.

    And natural thinking and natural observation is the highest form of human consciousness that exists naturally......before science.

    And science ought to stop lying by cult group mentality....WANT.
  20. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    Humans know O God the stone planet supports their life, God saved their life, meaning that they exist because God exists O the planet.

    Males in science know that any human changed is because God O the planet supported it. Yet God the planet also is forced in science to lose its mass.

    And to lose mass is by increased sun metal radiation effects...and it is the sun radiation that attacks the human being life.

    So a human can say because you scientist removed the presence of God O the stone fusion I was attacked. Not by God for God saved my life, in sickness or in health. Radiation UFO mass is what removed it...a Satanic attack.

    And be telling the truth about God O the Earth.

    Only humans who die are no longer supported by any state in creation, yet it is all natural history.

    So then a rational human would ask, if all conditions exist, sickness and health in the same natural status, then why do humans die.

    And it is obvious that the cellular function in life owns a span of its own cellular reactive body that supports how long it can survive living in the state radiation change.

    Therefore a human owns all advice about self living conditions.

    So science cannot just claim that radiation began and supported life existing.

    When the gases are named a gas. They were also named as quantified male reasoning for why life lives and survives in health. As water and oxygen and microbes.

    None of those statuses has anything to do with reactive radiation nuclear fusion or energy powers.

    Therefore males have to try to first coerce by group preaching/teaching a fake and false dogma in science. For the bio Nature living in the natural heavenly gas mass support are owners of that natural condition.

    The machine owning no natural history whatsoever...….as it is totally male human manipulation, was given precedence as a reactive reaction, machine above and over the natural bio existence continuing to exist on Earth.

    Which is termed Satanism...to remove our existence, which includes the physical mass of God presence by radiation burning attacks.

    If a male knows that a particle, being the only form science reaction that he has used in the statement SCIENCE is where the powers for SCIENCE came from....then he tried to convince humanity that SCIENCE owns creation history and natural form and not our bio Nature.

    Only SCIENCE uses the particle. Natural exists due to MASS and wholeness.