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God cares

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by fisherman1, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. fisherman1

    fisherman1 fisherman

    Apr 6, 2009
    Christian why are you so forlorn
    Don’t you know that you were born
    Of God above and you are blessed
    With His Spirit you’re possessed
    Are you still carrying guilt and shame
    God put on Christ your sin and blame
    You are his prize, his love, his bride
    Forever with him you’ll abide
    Do all life’s cares make you dismay
    Cast them all on Christ today
    His thoughts towards you none can number
    God above wont sleep or slumber
    Do you think that God would lie
    His Son hung on a cross to die
    For evil men in their guilty state
    Of pride, greed, lust and hate
    Do you have hurts from years ago
    Memories of pain and woe
    Give them to God, he wants you to
    He’ll heal your wounds and nurture you
    In his bottle he’ll save every tear
    He remembers them and holds each dear
    He numbers the hairs upon your head
    And watches you sleep while in your bed
    Reach out to him, he’ll hear your prayers
    He’s a God of love and for you he cares.