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Global Service Corps


The cake is a lie
Many thanks to Jamaesi for bringing this organization to my attention :D

The Global Service Corps is similar to the Peace Corps, only instead of a minimum on 2 years service you can do as little as two weeks or as much as six months in Thailand or Tanzania.

I'm especially interested in the Thailand trip :) They offer several programs: Education, Healthcare including HIV/AIDS, and Buddhist Immersion. If you participate in the Buddhist Immersion one, you can spend your time either with a host family or at a temple.

They do charge a fee, though. Usually around $2.5K USD... most of which goes to plane tickets and food/housing. The remainder goes to keeping the organization afloat, as they get no federal money.

I think it's wonderful, and Maesi and I are trying to plan a trip in a couple of years. The more people you take, the cheaper it is for everyone; every additional person gets 10% off on their fee. :D

I'd just like to encourage anyone with enough money/time to look into this. It looks like a very worthwhile program.