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From Inaugural Address of Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) @ Jalsa Salana UK - 28 July 2017


Peace be upon you.
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you.
Hazrat aqdas Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) says at a place: If you believe, be thankful and offer prostrations of thanks that the era, waiting which, your elder forefathers passed away, and many souls journeyed in its desire -- You found that time. Now, to treasure it or not to do, and to get benefit of it or not, is in your hand…….I shall state it repeatedly, and I cannot stop expressing it that I am the same who is sent at time for the reform of creature so that Deen should be established freshly at hearts.


It is great favour and benevolence of Allah the Exalted at us that He enabled us to believe in His Envoy who is sent by Allah the Exalted in this era for the reformation of people. Thus believing Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) place this responsibility on us that we should make his sayings and advice the part of our lives. Only then, we can do our correction. Only then, we can fulfill the purpose of believing him and doing his Bai'at.


Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) made the arrangement for our reformation by getting news and commandment from Allah the Exalted. Jalsa Salana is one among this arrangement so that we may make means of our betterment and progress in knowledge, in belief, and practice.


Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) said he is presenting some sayings of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) which he said at various times for his believers’ correction, betterment in their level of Taqwa, connecting relation with Allah the Exalted, and to improve their practical states………………We see that, about one-fourth number of people in the world are Muslims. When asked, majority answers, al-hamdollilah we are Muslims. But practically, Neither they have correct understanding of worships, by which they may pay rights of Allah, Nor they pay rights of people of Allah the Exalted. Very often, we see oppression by many Muslims and their deeds, in the name of Allah the Exalted and His Messenger.


Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) told us: I am sent for that, so I make the Eman-s strong and prove the Being of God the Exalted for people. And this Being is proved at time, when pure love with God the Exalted is manifested too……..

He (a.s.) taught us: The true love with God the Exalted should be without any reward and prize.

In reality this is the selfless love with God the Exalted which makes a Muslim a real Muslim, not like such Muslims as extremist and terrorist, when they were caught, strange things for women were found in there luggage. Press is making fun of it. The askers asked the reason why these things are there. They replied, we shall be martyr, and go to paradise, these things are as gift for hoor-s. This is state of some Muslims.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) tells what kind of love should be with Allah the Exalted and how a Muslim should be:

Muslim is the one, who should dedicate and hand-over all his full being to get pleasure of Allah the Exalted. And in terms of belief and practice, his aim and purpose should be pleasure and happiness of Allah the Exalted. And all virtues and good deeds which are done by him, they should not be by way of labour and difficulty but an attraction of a lazzat (delight) and halawat (relief) should be in them which should change every kind of trouble with rahat (tranquility). The real Muslim loves Allah the Exalted by saying and accepting that He is my Beloved, Master, Maker and Benevolent. That is why he put his head at His Threshold. If true Muslim is said that nothing will be obtained as the reward of these deeds, and neither there is paradise nor hell, neither there are rests nor joys, he can never leave his good deeds and love for God.

This is the definition of true Muslim. Some people say, other people are in better conditions than us, they have eases and luxuries and these things are not in we Muslims. Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) says these worldly eases and luxuries are not our aims, our pure aim is to get love of Allah the Exalted, you should make effort to get it.


He (on whom be peace) says: He (true Muslims) can never leave his good deeds and love for God because his worships and relation with God the Exalted and His commandment-carrying and annihilation in obedience is not based on any reward, rather he considers his being such a thing which is really made for God the Exalted’s acknowledgment, His love and obedience, and there is no other purpose and aim of him. That is why when he uses these, his God-given powers for these purposes and aims, he only sees the face of His Real-Beloved, he does not look for paradise and hell ASLAN.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) tells about his state:
I say, if I am assured of the this matter that the most severe punishment will be given due to loving God the Exalted and His obedience, I say swearing that my nature is such that it is ready to bear these troubles and evils with an excitement of love and interest. And despite the certainty, which is given in the form of azab and dukh, [my nature] declares that ever going one step out of obedience of God and commandment-carrying, as a collection of dukhon and troubles which is more than thousand deaths rather unlimited deaths. Like as if a king makes public announcement that if a mother will not give milk to her child, king will give her reward, being happy with it. A mother can never tolerate that she should kill her child for the desire and greed of that prize. Like it, a true Muslim considers destruction for himself to go out of commandment of God even if he is given promise of unlimited ease and prize. Thus, to be a real Muslim, it is essential to get that kind of nature that the love of God the Exalted and obedience should not be based on fear or hope of any award and punishment, rather it should be due to built-in property and part of nature. Then that love itself create paradise for him [in this world and in next world]. The real paradise is this. No one can enter paradise unless he adopts this path. That is why I give you - who keep connection with me - teaching to enter from this path because the real path to paradise is indeed this.

Thus it is that connection of pure love, which we have to create with Allah the Exalted. It is indeed that love which will draw our attention to pay rights of Allah the Exalted and His people. By not understanding the philosophy of this love with Allah the Exalted, so-called religious leaders have pushed a section of people to do oppressions and barbarism. This is because, neither they loved Allah the Exalted and nor they loved (based on love with Him) with His creation. Allah the Exalted has commanded us to love His creation with doing good deeds, and remove mischief and discord – due to His love. So there is need to understand this point, others do not understating this. The duty of a real Muslim is to get the true understanding of love of Allah the Exalted. If we Ahmadis are Muslims, [which we are] then we have to understand this point, otherwise our claim that we have accepted Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) is meaningless.


He, like other prophets, by staing purpose of his (a.s.) advent, and by drawing attention to rights of Allah and rights of people, said on an occasion:
The common-to-all purpose of advent of all prophets is that true and real love of God the Exalted should be established. And a special colour should be developed in rights and love of all humanity and brethren. Until these things are not done, all matters will be only ceremonial.

If love of Allah the Exalted according to its right and love for His creation is not present then Bai'at is just ceremonial.


He (a.s.) said:
About the love of God the Exalted, only God the Exalted knows. [Human claims to have love for God the Exalted. It is matter between human and God the Exalted. There are many things which others do not know, only God the Exalted knows better. Worship of God is done … for what purpose it is actually done. His right are paid…. for what actual purpose they are paid? Only He the exalted knows best.]

But certain things are recognized by certain things. [There is a standard to recognize love of Allah the Exalted.]

For example, if there are fruits at lower part of a tree, we can say these will be on the upper part of it too. But if there is nothing at lower part, how can be certainty about for upper part?

Likewise, if there is colour of love and unity with all human and own brethrens with the balance established by God then, by it, it can be estimated that love with God exists. Of [if love with creation is not present how can we say love with Allah the Exalted exists, then worships will be only apparent. Hazrat Promised Messiah a.s. said at a place that sometimes rights of creation come ahead with respect to occasion].

Thus the taking care of all human’s rights and relation with brethren give glad tiding that there exist colour of love of God the Exalted for sure.



Peace be upon you.
Look! The world is for few days. All will die, one after the other. Graves, with open mouth, are calling and every person goes to enters at respective time. Age is such non-trust worthy and life is such non-durable that what is hope to live up to six month three months. Such hope and surety is not there that we shall remain alive till next step after taking a step or not.. So as this is the state that there is no knowledge of instant of death but it is sure it is certain, not stoppable, so it is duty of wise human that he should be ready for it all the time. That is why it is said in Holy Quran that “la tamutunna wa antum muslemoon” (never die but in state that you are Muslim). [death is not in one’s control, it means that human should always keep making his review whether he is paying each of both rights or not -- rights of Allah the Exalted and rights of people too, and whether he is following directives of Allah the Exalted or not.]

At all time, until human keep his matter clear with God the Exalted and does not fully fulfill two rights ….., issue is not tackled, as I have said, rights are of two types, one rights of Allah and second rights of people.


Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) explained to us this too:
Types of rights of people are two also. One those, who has become religious-bretherns whether they are father or brother or son. You are mutual brethren. [..there is mutual connection of Jama'at, they are brethren]. But there is religious brotherhood in all of them. [In this religious fraternity father, son, brother, sister – all are included]. And another, is the true sympathy for all human. [In rights of people, it is not enough to pay rights of own people only. Rather rights of all humanity have to be paid. For them, true sympathy should have to be kept and work have be done for their goodness.].

The greatest right among rights of Allah the Exalted is that, His worship should be done and this worship should not be based on personal purpose. [earlier it is mentioned that this worship and love with Allah the Exalted should be selfless.

For the sympathy of all human, my faith is it that until pray is not done for enemy, bosom is not fully cleansed.

“uduni astajiblakum” [Allah the Exalted says, call unto Me I shall accept and your prayer, shall listen]. In this, Allah the Exalted has not placed restriction that if you pray for enemy I shall not accept. Rather my faith is that, to pray for enemy is Sunnah of Prophet. Hazrat Umar (r.a.) became Muslim by it. Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) often used to pray for him. That is why animosity should not be done miserliness-ly and (one) should not be hurtful in reality. It is matter of thankfulness that we do not see any of our enemy, for whom prayer is not done two or three times.[i.e there are enemies of him, who keep animosity with him, he prays for them too. It is not that he has animosity for anyone. It is the mention of those foes who keep animosity with him. He (a.s.) did not do animosity with anyone. He said, I pray for such foes.]

And the same, I said to you, and teach.

God the Exalted is displeased from it, that someone should be given harm in reality and animosity should be done without right by way of miserliness – as He does not want that someone is made associate with Him. [Allah the Exalted displeases animosity without reason like Shirk.]

At a place, He does not want separation and at a place He does not want union i.e. mutual separation among all humanity and union with Himself i.e. mutual separation of all human, and union with other than Him.[ i.e. Allah the Exalted does not like that people get mutually separated and become enemies of each other, He does not want anyone as associate with Himself. Always remember this point.]

It is the very path that prayer should be done for deniers too. By this, bosom is cleansed and openness is developed [animosities end and hatreds are finished] and courage rises. Capacity to bear oppositions is developed. [It is that beautiful Islamic teaching which is the teaching to create peace.]

That is why until our Jama'at does not adopt this colour, there is no distinction between it and other-than-it.

To me, it is essential matter that, the person who makes friendship with someone by way of Deen, and if any of his dears is of low status, then treatment of him should be with extreme kindness and softness and they should be loved. Because it is grandeur of God [Farsi] “badaan ra banegan bebakhshad karim” (Bads too are forgiven by God with pious ones).

Thus you who keep connection with me, let you be such a people, for which it is said “fainnahum la yakhka jalisohum” (i.e. They are such people whose seat-mate too is not unfortunate).

It is gist of such teaching which is presented in “takhallaqoo be-akhlaqillah” (develop morals of Allah in yourself)


Thus when we shall have this thinking, only then we shall be able to say we have paid right of Bai'at of him (on whom be peace) or making effort to pay the right.


To know how we can know to pay right of Allah the Exalted, and achieve its high levels, and how we can know the detail of rights of people. One thing Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) told when you will pay rights of people then it can be thought that you are paying rights of Allah. If it is not so then satisfaction cannot be achieved that person is paying right of Allah the Exalted. He (a.s.) mentioned more details how right will be known.

He (a.s.) says: In the Holy Quran, from beginning to end, detail of awamir and nawahi [commands what to do and what not to do] and divine commandments is present and mentioned several hundred branches of various kind of different directives. [these are commandments, in which many directives are about paying rights of Allah the Exalted and people. There are many awamair that do it and there are many nawahi that do not do that.]

Thus, read Holy Quran repeatedly, and let it be that you should keep writing detail of bad works and then make effort with favour and support of God the Exalted to keep avoiding these evils. [so we need to read Holy Quran like it so that we may become real Muslim]


Advising his Jama'at, he said at an occasion:
I say truly, it is an occasion which, Allah the Exalted created for fortunate ones. Blessed are those, who get benefit from it. You people who has made connection with me, never ever become arrogant at the matter that whatever you were to obtained, you have obtained. It is true that you are nearer to fortunate-ness than those deniers who displeased God with their severe denial and disrespect. And it is true too that, by using good presumption, you considered to save yourself from wrath of God the Exalted. But the true matter is this, that you have come close to this fountain, which God has created for eternal life, at this time. Yes, still water has to be drunk. So seek enable-ness from favour and kindness of God the Exalted that He may saturate you because nothing can be done without God the Exalted. [unless we shall not understand the message, the teaching of Hazrat Promised Messiah a.s. , shall not make effort to practice it, we cannot say we drank the water. To drink water is still reaming. Make effort.] I know for sure, who shall drink from this fountain, he will not be destroyed, because this water grants life, and saves from destruction, and saves from attacks of Satan. What is the method to get saturated from this fountain? It is, that the two rights which God the Exalted has established at you, restore them, and pay fully. Among these, one is right of God, second creation’s. Comprehend your God, One Who has no associate as you admit by this testimony “ash-hado an la ilaha illallah” i.e I bear witness that there is no beloved, sought, and to-be-followed except Allah.


At an occasion, He (a.s.) said to Jama'at drawing their attention for Istighfar, tauba, Salaat and high morals: Who does tazarro and zari in the Presence of God the Exalted and sees limitation by Him and commandments with sight of grandeur, and corrects himself by fearing from His Jalal, he will surely get share from favour of God. That is why our Jama'at should make compulsory, to offer Salaat of Tahajjud. Who cannot offer more, he may offer two rakkat [Office holders, life-devotees, should pay attention to it. Common Ahmadi too should pay attention in general] He will get opportunity to do prayer anyway. There is a special effect in the prayers of that time. [Ramadan has passed some days ago, everyone has experienced these prayers, people write letters about their experiences. These prayers are effective, benefit must be drawn permanently]

There is a special effect of prayers of that time because they are emerged by true pain and excitement. Unless there is a special soz and pain in heart, till then how can a person wake up from peaceful sleep. So just waking at that time creates a pain in heart, by which riqqat (softness, thinness) and state of iztirab (emotional agitation) is developed in prayer. These iztirab and iztirar (pressing necessity) becomes the reason of acceptance of prayer.

But if one acts with laziness and non-alertness in waking then it is obvious that, that pain and soz is not present in the heart because sleep dispels sorrow.

But when one wakes from sleep then it is known that there is the pain and sorrow which is more than sleep which is awaking.



Peace be upon you.
Then another thing is important too which our Jama'at should adopt, and that is it, that the tongue should be cleansed from useless talks. [immoral talks, mockery, talks which hurt people taunting should be avoided]. The tongue is entrance of a being (person). By cleaning tongue (language), God the Exalted as if comes in the entrance of being. [by cleaning tongue, Allah the Exalted will closer to you, will come at door of your home]. When God comes in entrance, then what is strange about coming in!

Then remember, never ever, knowingly negligence should be done in rights of Allah and rights of people.

The one who will use prayers by keeping these matters in view. Or say, who will be given enable-ness of prayer, we are sure Allah the Exalted will do his favour on him and he will be saved.

Apparent plans etc for cleanliness are not prohibited but practice should be done at [Farsi] “ber tawakkul zanuey ashter beh beband” (it is essential for tawakkul that knee of camel should be tied too) as is known from “iyyak nabodo wa iyyaka nastaeen”.
But remember the true cleansing is the one, as said: “qad aflaha man zakkaha”
Every person should consider it his obligation to change in his state.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) says:
The one can be hopeful or favour of God who does not break the continuity of prayer, repentance and Istighfar [seeking forgiveness, help and cover] and does not do sin knowingly.

Sin is a poison, which kills human, and intensifies wrath of God.

Only fear of God the Exalted and His love make move away from sin.

Sufi-s say fortunate ones do not lose an opportunity from hand. Events of some are heard that they prayed that may there be any awful scene so that riqqat and pain should be developed in heart.

It is way of Allah the Exalted He always save Prophet (on them be peace) at such occasions when distresses descend in the form of divine punishment. [and those people are saved too who are real followers of Prophets a.s., who practice their teachings, who make effort to understand teaching of God the Exalted and pay His rights and pay rights of His people according to His teaching. In view of current state of the world, effort should be made to make special connection with Allah the Exalted] Thus the only cure to avoid it, is not to break the continuity of prayer, and use repentance and Istighfar. That prayer is useful, when heart melts before God and no place to run away from God is seen. The one who runs towards God and wants peace with iztirar (pressing necessity) eventually he survives. [These days are very hard. The state of world is telling, it is moving to its destruction with very quickly. In this state, our survival and to save world, there is only one way, that we should turn to God the Exalted, pay attention to our prayers, toba and Istighfar, and make our prayers pure for Allah the Exalted. May Allah the Exalted enable to do so.


Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) further guides about repentance, Istighfar and Salaat:

Keeping doing Istighfar, and remember death, there is nothing which wakes - more than death. When human returns to God with true heart, Allah the Exalted does His favour. When human does repentance in the Huzur (Presence) of God with true heart, Allah the Exalted forgives previous sins, then new account starts for human. If someone do a little sin to human, he keeps his malice and animosity for whole life. Though admits verbally about forgiving but even when he finds opportunity, he expresses his malice and animosity with him. It is only God the Exalted when servant comes to Him with true heart, He forgives his sins, and returns to Him with mercy, sends His favour at him, and forgives punishment of that sin. That is why you too, go by being so, that you should become that, which you was not before. [he (a.s.) said it in address of an Jalsa]. Offer Salaat properly. God who is here, He is there too. So it should be so that as long as you are here, riqqat and in fear of God should be in your hearts, and when again go to your homes, you may become fearless. No, but fear of God should always be to you. Think and see before doing every work whether God the Exalted will be pleased with it or displeased. [It is very important point, if human should think before every work he cannot go to wrong things, sin and bad morals]. Salaat is very essential thing and is ascension of Momin. The best way to pray to God the Exalted is Salaat. Salaat is not for that, that head-hits should be done, or do beak-hitting like cock. Many people offer Salaat like this, and there are many people who begin to offer Salaat by saying and hearing of someone. This is nothing. Salaat is to be in the Huzur (Presence) of God the Exalted, and the compound form to praise God the Exalted and to seek forgive of own sins, is called Salaat. His Salaat is never done, who does not offer Salaat by keep this form and purpose in view. Thus offer Salaat in very good way. If standing, it should be in way that your state should clearly tell that you are standing with folded hands for obedience and commandment-carrying of God the Exalted. If bow, then like that , by which it is clearly known that your heart bows. If do prostration, do it like that man whose heart is afraid. And pray for your religion and world in Salaat. [bow before Allah the Exalted with His love and His fear] .


To adopt Taqwa, Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) says that Muttaqi is always fortunate:
Our Jama'at should always remember this advice, that they should keep this matter in view, which I state. If a thought always come to me, that is it, that there are relations and connections in the world, some among them are with respect to beauty, some with respect to family and money, some with respect to power, but His-Divinity does not care these matters. He has clearly said, “inna akramakum endallahe atqakum (i.e, near Allah the Exalted only he is respected who is righteous). Now which is the Jama'at of righteous, God the Exalted will keep it, and shall destroy other. It is fragile station. At this place, two cannot stand, that muttaqi may remain there and mischievous an impure too may remain there. It is essential that muttaqi should stand and wicked should be destroyed. And because God has the knowledge that who is muttaqi according to Him. Thus it is station of great fear. Fortunate is that human who is muttaqi and unfortunate is one who has come under curse. [by understing this point we can get pleasure of Allah the Exalted and make our family life as paradise]



Peace be upon you.
Expressing what reform, he (a.s.) wants to see in us, after we joined the Movement:

By entering this Movement, your being should be distinctive, and you should become a person who lives fully new life. Whatever you was before, you should not remain so. Do not think that you will become dependent by making a change in the path of God the Exalted or there will be many foes of you. No, the follower of God never becomes dependent. On him, never bad day can came come. Whose friend and helper is God, if all world becomes his enemy then do not worry. If Momin come in difficulties, he is never in pain, but those days for him are days of paradise. Angels of God take him in lap like mother. In short, god Himself become their helper and guard. This God Who is such God that He is “alaa kule shein qadir” He is “aalemul ghaib” He is “hai o qayyum” . By following that God, can one get trouble? Never ever. God the Exalted saves His real servant at these times that world remain astonished. Was it not surprising matter for world as Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) came alive after being in fire. Was it a little thing that Hazrat Nuh and his friends survived a dangerous storm. Unlimited examples of this kind are present. And in this very era, God the Exalted has shown miracles of His Hand of Power. See, court case of murder and act of killing was filed against me, a very great doctor who is pastor, he was complainant in it, and Arya and some Muslim became his helper, but eventually it happened what God had said earlier “abraa” (declare faultless). Thus it time that you should do repentance, and make your heart pure and clean. When trouble will fall on head, repentance will help what? A long time ago, I saw a dream there is great field there is big passage dug in it. In it butchers are sitting with goats are made lay in it, they are holding knifes. Their faces are toward sky and they are waiting for order. I am strolling near. Meanwhile I recited “qul ma yabaobekum rabbi lo la doaakum” . As they heard, they quickly ran the knives. Goats are agitating and butchers say them who you are, you are goat who eat waste. That scene is still before my eyes. Anyway God is independent. He does not care except true Momin. And prayer is not accepted after the time. When Allah the Exalted has given relief, at that time he should be made pleased, but when he is made displeased by own black works and sins and His wrath and anger ignited and at that time repentance and Istighfar is started by seeing divine punishment, what will be benefit by that, when verdict has come for punishment. Thus if you will do humbleness before time, then our prayers too will make good results for you. But if become ignorant, then there will be no benefit, always remember God, and consider death is in front. Look you people prepare crop by some hard work, then there is hope of benefit. Likewise these days of peace are for love. If you will remember God now, you will get its delight. Though it is difficult to come for Salaat as compared to worldly tasks, and for Tahajjud more. But if you will make habit for it now, then no trouble will remain.


To do prayers, He (a.s.) advises: Look, you do work now, you do mercy to your lives and family, you show mercy to children, as you are merciful to them. It is too a way that pray for them in Salaat. Pray is ruku, and then do prayer in sajdah that may Allah the Exalted turn away this trouble, and save from punishments [to save next generation, these states of world, today there is need of our prayers, we should pray for generations and world]. The one who prays does not remain loser.

[...few more minutes...]

More at mta.tv


Peace be upon you.
Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah (may Allah be his Helper) said, may Allah the Exalted make our practical states like that, as Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) wants from us, may we become the real model of real teaching of Islam, may we pay attention to rights of Allah and rights of people and fulfill these. May we find commandants about what to do, and what not to do from Holy Quran, and acts according to it, and by getting full benefit of these days of Jalsa, return to homes by creating a pure change. May Allah the Exalted enable us to do so. I remind you to do lot of prayers in these days especially for the Jalsa to be blessed. Pray for those restricted ones, who cannot clearly express their Eman in their countries due to harshness, cannot convene Jalsa-s, may Allah the Exalted soon create eases for them. Pray for the safety of the world (people), from the destruction it is moving to, as I said earlier so that May it recognize the God Who made it, and save itself from destruction. Now let’s do prayer. [silent prayer]. Amin .. Peace and mercy of Allah be on you.