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From Address to Ladies, by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) @ Jalsa Salana UK – 29 July 2017


Peace be upon you.
Peace and mercy of Allah be on you. In this verse:
“ya aiyo hallazina aamanuttaqullaha wal tanzur nafsum ma qaddamat leghad wattaqullaha innallaha khabirum bemaa tamaloon” [59:19]

Allah the Exalted says:
O ye who believe, adopt Taqwa of Allah, every soul look to what it sends forth for the morrow and have Taqwa of Allah . Verily Allah is well aware of what you do.

This is that commandment of God the Exalted which is for Momin men and Momin women as well. It is one of the verses which are recited at the occasion of Nikah. It is advice to both, men and women, that keep eye on your tomorrow, practicing Taqwa.

Usually we see the basic reasons of doing mistakes are carelessness and not realizing their significance i.e. not knowing their importance and not realizing what God and His messenger want from us, also not making effort to understand which commandments to live life are present in Holy Quran, which is plan of action for us.

So Allah the Exalted says, if you are Momin, man and woman, keep this principle before you that you will live your lives by practicing Taqwa, and watching each of your deed, and always be mindful of your morrow and future. The continuous mindful-ness should not be about earthly desire, but should be about progress in morality and spirituality, and should be about how directives of Allah the Exalted should have to be made part of life with full Eman at Allah the Exalted and sincerity. When this concern will become part of our life, then we shall be living a life of Momin and our Hereafter will become successful.

If we are firm at the certainty and it is part of our Eman that the world is temporary and the real and eternal life is life after death --and if we are firm at the certainty that the reward of deeds in this world is given in next world -- If we are firm at the certainty that God the Exalted is the Master of all powers - and if we have Eman that Allah the Exalted is aalemul ghebey washshahadah, He know our hidden things and depth of hearts, and He has knowledge of apparent and internal –

-- Then we shall have to ponder at the words of Allah the Exalted and keep it before us always that you should keep eye on what you have send for your morrow, what works you have done to get pleasure of Allah the Exalted, what things you have done to take care of your future generation, your tomorrow is not only day after today and tomorrow after your death, our tomorrow is our progeny too, its good training, its high morals, its remaining firm at Deen, its becoming loyal citizen of country, its being person of high character in all respect.

It will make life and afterlife of our progeny good, and it will obtain pleasure of Allah the Exalted. Due to its good tarbiyyat we shall get reward too. Allah the Exalted does not leave any of our good act without reward then how He will leave, without reward, the works purely done to get His pleasure by following His commandments.

Our morrow will be good from this point of view that, this virtuous progeny will continue our virtues and will pray for us and prayers of our progeny will increase our stations in next world.

Thus this morrow, about which God the Exalted has asked us to keep eye on it, and said to see what you have sent for morrow, it is very vast morrow with great meanings. It covers tomorrow, and tomorrow of next world, it contains the advice to improve the self, and improve the conditions of progenies in every respect.

An earthly person only do effort to save his wealth and make estates for his morrow. But the commandment for a Momin is that you should not only be concern about this world’s temporary things, it is not prohibited, it is allowed. Rather care about your spiritual life too. If your progeny is not given good tarbiyyat [training: moral and spiritual especially] they will wastefully consume this world’s temporary wealth and things no matter how much you leave behind. If they have no right tarbiyyat, they will do wrong deeds and will be seized by law then money will not be of any use.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) used to tell an event that, A woman’s son was her very beloved. He habit was to go out and do mischief, wrong things, and inflict small losses to people. Slowly he began to do little stealing. People would catch him and bring to mother, she would take his side and hide his wrong doings despite knowing and would say nothing happened. She would tell people my child is not like this, you are blaming. The child continued to grow with his wrong acts and wrong love of mother and his habits continued to become firm. Eventually, he became a big dacoit and killer. One day he was caught in a crime. Death sentence was announced for him. He was asked about his last will. He said my desire is, bring my mother near me. When mother came near, she asked what was his last wish. The son said, I am about to die, as last wish I want to kiss your tongue. She brought her tongue out. The boy chewed her tongue and it cut half. Mother began to cry. People said harsh words to him that he did such oppression in this time. He said when I used to do wrong things and people would bring me to mother she used to support me instead my correction which encouraged me and I became such a big criminal. If she had done right tarbiyyat of me since beginning, expressed anger at my wrong deeds, and advised me I would not have reached to this state. The tongue which continued to do my support at my wrong deeds instead my tarbiyyat and good advice, it should be the very end of such mother and such tongue which I did.

It is story with lesson for all those mothers who do not see their and their children’s tomorrow at temporary spoiled-love. They only concern is about wealth and worldly luxuries.

Thousands of people become bankrupt daily, here it is seen everywhere, big businessman become bankrupt. Their parents leave house and money for them, which goes away from possession due to loans and they become penniless, some commit suicide due to it, or get involved in wrong things.

If good tarbiyyat is given, they would not be taking part in worldly race rather they have balanced personality. No doubt, benefit from worldly bounties is taken but spirituality should be sought too.

If children of a common non-ahmadi woman are like this, we can say they have no arrangement of their tarbiyyat, but an Ahmadi woman who has believed in Imam of era it is her duty that she should make effort to strengthen her ruhaniyyat and do tarbiyyat of her children in way that they should give priority to faith over world instead they get involved in worldliness.

One can say there are many people in the world, who are more rich that forefathers, and becoming richer, they are cheating in businesses, they have other evils too but worldly decline did not come to them. So Allah the Exalted, by saying keep eye on morrow, drawn our attention to the thing that no doubt they are in good state in world, some people are in good state in world, but you who claim to have believe and believe in Imam of era, you who claim to be in Bai'at of true servant of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), you who claim that you have arranged the means of your reform by doing Bai'at, you anyway will have to keep eye on morrow and life in hereafter….Those riches have neither deen nor spirituality, if they have not kept eye on their life after death, i.e. life in hereafter, they are handicapped. They thought this world is everything and did not get benefit of spiritual-morrow. Allah the Exalted says there is next world too. If punishment of their bad works is not obtained here, it will be given in next world. But you who claim to have ruhaniyyat (spiriruality), you will have to take care of your both worlds.

So we who call our selves to be in the Jama'at of Envoy of Allah the Exalted, we who believe that Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) is the last Prophet with Shariah, and the perfect Book which was given to him i.e. the Holy Quran provides perfect guidance in all respect to get success in the world and in Hereafter, then we shall have to make effort to follow its directives by making pure changes in our lives. We shall have to establish our models for our progenies so that our morrow, our future and our progenies should continue to get pleasure of Allah the Exalted.

Islam gives responsibility to woman to take care new generation. If anyone can keep safe one generation after the other, it is woman. If woman does not understand the directives of Allah the Exalted, and does not make effort to understand, then there is no guarantee of generations’ tarbiyyat.

Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) has stated about high station of woman to make her realize what is the status of a real Muslim woman. He (s.a.w.) did not say emotional of superficial words. He (s.a.w.) gave a purpose of life to woman to take care new generations and their world and Hereafter. He (s.a.w.) guided towards highest station of woman in one sentence. He (s.a.w.) said that paradise is under the feet of mothers.

In this sentence, where glad tiding is associated with woman, there warning too is present. Under the feet of such mother, paradise is not present, there is jahannum. It example is given above in the story of dacoit and killer.

So the paradise is under the feet of mother because due to her tarbiyyat, a child become a good citizen, a child become asset of a nation, a child become one who give priority to Deen over world.

It should be remembered that blessing comes when prayers accompany it. By seeing state of prayers of mothers, children get tendency to do prayers. Thus tarbiyyat is not only apparent tarbiyyat, it is essential for a mother to have connection with Allah the Exalted.

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Peace be upon you.
No doubt, fathers too should take care too. There own level should be highest in ruhaniyyat and worships. After a certain age, boys see model of fathers. But some people write to Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) that mother’s tarbiyyat and good model have effect on them but fathers do not take care of them or do not take care of mothers. Due to this reason some children go astray. But there are lot of them, prayers of mothers save them from going astray.

So if mothers make a strong commitment that they have to save their children from going astray, then instead of unfavorable circumstances, instead lack of cooperation by husbands (fathers), instead wrong and oppressive attitudes of men, children get established at Deen.

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah be his Helper) said that here I say to men that they should play their role too in making homes paradise. They should not place responsibility on mothers only. Because expressing love and paying rights in homes by men, and women’s good attention to tarbiyyat of children brings more goodness.

But mothers should not remain seated by saying that men are not good what should we do! How can we do tarbiyyat. As mentioned earlier, there are many familes where, instead of wrong attitudes of fathers, children come out being very good in Deen and also become very good citizen due to mothers.

If they are boys, then due to that good tarbiyyat by mothers, they shall become good future husbands and fathers who shall be firm on virtues and shall have high morals, and shall be helper of their wives in making paradise in this world. So mothers can save second progeny if not the first one i.e. if husbands are not virtuous then future husbands and fathers can be saved by mothers.

If they are daughters, then due to that good tarbiyyat, they shall be mothers who shall take their children to paradise.

Thus Islam has placed an important responsibility at its believers, and Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) has mentioned it in extremely beautiful and meaningful words, our ladies and girls should always keep it before their eyes… In Germany, a representative of press asked question (these days this is highlighted issue) that woman cannot be Imam in mosques. Huzur (a.t.) said: I told her that women are exempted from worship in various days and circumstances, further Islam distributes works; these are works of men and these are of women. Islam says to men they should help women in their home works. There are clear examples of it in the Sunnah and action of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) but Islam does not say to women that they must have to do men’s work…From the model of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) it is found how he used to help in daily household tasks….Any way, I replied her that Islam gives leave to women in following some commandments due to their personal limitation -- regarding the essential duties of Imam. Duties are divided for men and women in Islam. But you, as non-Muslim, are more concerned than Muslims and carry the issue of Imamat and make excitement about it and speak a lot about it….Islam has given women a station which more than Imamat. Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) says: Paradise is under feet of mothers………No Imam can not give this guarantee that those who offer Salaat in his Imamat, will go to paradise. Rather, there are traditions which tell that if a wrong thought comes in mind of Imam while he leads Salaat, and if bad thoughts come in the minds of followers too then all these will be go in the account of Imam…..How they can bring paradise….But woman is that being who, as mother, makes virtuous Imam and takes to paradise, makes good citizen, great scientist and high head of state.

So woman has great station. A true Muslim woman, an Ahmadi woman should not get embroiled in inferiority complex of any type.

Some days ago, this news was tossed a lot that a woman in Germany made a mosque, in which woman will be Imam and men and women will offer Salaat together and there is no need to cover head, use scarf or do pardah…..This woman says, she is going to UK also, and will make a mosque there too as she made in Germany.

All these things are because of not understanding deen (religion) and due to being entangled in inferiority complex. The matter which is against the commandment of Allah the Exalted and His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) it is bid’at [bad-addition in religion] which is being tried be added in deen. Or it is being added in deen due to ignorance. Or anti-Islam powers are adding these things by well calculated scheme and plan so that deformation should be brought in Islam. Other religions have been deformed. Islam is in its real condition, that is why these people want to deform it.

Holy Quran claims that it has been saved since ever and its commandments are for ever and Allah the Exalted will always continue to save it. Anti-Islam powers do not bear it that is why they make effort to deform it and will do.

When Holy Quran has clearly asked woman to wear modest dress and to do pardah, then such acts that there is no need of scarf, long loose-fitting dress, and to hide beauty. These things are to deform deen. It is wrong too that women and men offer Salaat standing together. When Allah the Exalted said to remain separate, then there is no need that we should act against it, by being impressed by anti-Islam forces.

Worldly person whose eye for deen is blind can not have realization of importance of directives of deen. Once a leader of political party came to visit Huzur (a.t.) and asked, would such a time come when women and men together offer Salaat at one place. Huzur (a.t.) told him that this time will not come rather it has come, and has past a long time ago. In the time of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) the Salaat used to be offered at one place. Men stood in front row and women in back rows. Now if need should be there, same can be done. Now women have made separate place for their ease, so that they can offer Salaat with freedom, and if needed, in gathering (not in Salaat) they can remove their chadors and head sheets. Huzur (a. t.) him men are of different thoughts. Salaat is a worship, if women are in front rows or are mixed, then there may be some men who will keep looking at women instead of worship, they shall not pay attention to Salaat. … The man smilingly said that Huzur (a. t.) is saying absolutely right. Latter it was heard from other sources, that politician continued to mention in various gatherings that he asked this question and this answer is given which is very logical and based of reality.

So these people who deformed themselves and are making bad-additions in deen, it is wrong. They joke with deen. They talk such thing, in the name of Islam due to not understanding knowledge of deen and ignorance. This state was to come at Muslims because it was prophesy of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) that such a state would develop in Muslims, when they shall do such acts. Or there is another extreme of Muslims that they are doing oppression, barbarism in the name of deen, and too much rigidity is being done to women such that she is considered worthless.

That is why Allah the Exalted sent Imam of age, The Promised Messiah – The Covenanted Mahdi to correct the excess and shortage, which is being developed in Islam by the wrong attitude of ulamaa [state developing either leaning here or there]. He is sent to stop bad-additions in the name of Islam by people, or unnecessary restrictions in the name of firmness, and the wrong acts. Promised Messiah, Covenanted Mahdi was to show the right path to these both kind of people which he (a.s.) showed us.

Thus Ahmadis are fortunate that we believed him. If, after believing Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace), there is weakness or sense of inferiority complex in us, it is to be worried and to be ashamed. We should always remember that the word of God the Exalted is to remain forever and free of every defect and mistake. The rules and laws made by people of world can never be clear of mistakes. In past days, a news came that, in Sweden, a woman who convenes large concerts of music, she announced that this year only women will come to a very large concert they convene every year. Men will not be invited. Reason is stated that it is proved by experience of previous years that men who come, do immodesties with women, even rapes are done. ….. This is the result which came due to keeping men and women together.

The teaching of Islam is that, if there is even minute possibility that a wrong act can be committed, then avoid that wrong act and the possibility. The objection-doer to teaching of Islam now themselves admit that separation of men and women is better at certain places. Now at certain places, talks are done to make separate organizations for men and women. In worldly societies, this feeling is developing that it is better for men and women to have separate identification and to be separate. Those who used to blame us for segregation and raised objection, now begin to admit that this separation should be practiced at certain places.

Thus an Ahmadi Muslim woman should have perfect belief that eventually our teaching is going to prevail, and their efforts in the name of freedom of women will be unsuccessful and fruitless.



Peace be upon you.
Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) guides us in this regard:
In the light of Islamic teaching, why it is necessary for man and woman to live separate. It is the philosophy of Islamic pardah and it is guidance of Shariah. In the Book of God, by pardah, it is not meant that women should be kept like prisoners only . It is thought of those unwise who do not have knowledge of Islamic ways. Rather the purpose is that woman and man should be stopped from free sighting and showing of their beauties, because goodness of both man and woman is in it. At last, this too should be remembered, to save the self by lowered-gaze to non-appropriate and to see other permitted-to-see things, this method is called ghazey-basr in Arabic. [if there is any necessity, to see with half open eyes is allowed , but usually keep the eyes low and save yourself to make your eye wander at wrong place, it is called ghazey-basr]……….The people who stress on non-pardah and raise slogan of freedom of woman in this respect, by this fisq o fajur (sins, imorality) will be increased, move away from deen and will be involed in evils…….If their (women’s) chastity and purity is increased by freedom, we shall admit we are at fault……. Estimate the state of men that how have they become like unbridled horse. Neither fear of God is remained nor there is certainty about Hereafter. Worldly delights are made their ma’bood (who is worshiped). Thus first of all it is essential that before freedom and non-pardah, men’s moral state should be corrected. If it is corrected and at least this much power is in men that they cannot be subdued by their emotions-of-self, then begin this debate whether pardah is essential or not, otherwise in current state, to put emphasize on this thing that there should be freedom and non-pardah is as if to put goats before lions.

What Hazrat Promised Messiah a.s. said, same thing that woman said who organize concerts, as mentioned earlier, she said we cannot keep men and women together unless men understand this and we are sure that, how to respect woman, and how to control passions. Today, this voice came from one place, no matter it is voice with respect to gathering of dance and music. At least they thought so that what kind of evils can be developed, and are being developed, by men and women being at one place. Those things which deen told us hundreds of years ago, and the things which Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) explained to us 125 + years ago, those thing which they are now understanding as experiment, after spread of immodesties in the name of freedom. At last, one day, they shall have to fully admit that teaching of Islam is the one which will remain established. It is the very teaching which gives perfect guidance to keep human to be remained in the circle of human.

Thus a real Muslim woman should not be involved in any kind of inferiority complex. We cannot put feet in two boats otherwise we shall be drowned. If we have pledged to give priority to deen over worldly life, then to give priority to deen, we shall have to keep eye on directives of Allah the Exalted.

Allah the says men should keep their gaze low and practice ghazey-basr and do not see woman for no reason, and do not go to their gatherings. If men will practice it only then they can avoid evils and can be successful in their worldly life and in Hereafter. Allah the Exalted says to women to keep their gaze lower and save their beauty from non-related men and establish their modesty. If women will practice it, they will get opportunity to establish modesty in themselves and in their progenies.

Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah (may Allah be hs helper) further said : So where mothers shall have to establish models of their worships, their morals and their modest dress before their children so that they can save their morrow – there – I say to men too that they should get establish on it. Especially I say to men and women office holders that they should show their models to their children. The role models of women officeholders are essential too, only having rank and work for Lajna (auxiliary for women) is not enough, they shall have to take care of these things how they have to establish their role models – for their homes and for those lady-workers who work under them.

These days, burqas have strange customs. Some women close button till abdomen which keep burqah open and beauty of general clothing become visible. Some burqas have angular cutting. Exhibition of general dress is presented. In the time of Hazrat Musleh Mo'ud (may Allah be pleased with him) objections were raised at burqas. He (r.a.) said at that time that some buraqas are such which make exhibition of general dress from front while some burqas are such people object that these are tight from back..Then too these were issues. He said these objection are reaching to me from people. … Then he told Lajna that you ladies should design your modest burqas by yourselves, you know how to do that so that cover is achieved along with your ease. So today, same thing is needed, wear such burqas which fulfill right of pardah and no hindrance should come in your work. If you will show the beauties of your dresses by such open dresses, then do not expect that men gazes will not come. Their gazes will take full review from down to up. In this regard, some problems among married couples in some homes have begun to develop. That is why I want to make it clear that insated of doing your exhibition to get included in world’s race, get included in race of deen, correct morrow of your and your children, make this world paradise, and make next world too paradise. And this can be done when Allah the Exalted is given priority in each work [It was told in inaugural address with reference of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) that, in each work it should that, I have to do it for God]. Allah the Exalted says in Holy Quran “wa leman khafa maqama rabbehi jannatan” Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) explains it: Remember! Those who take steps towards God the Exalted with truth and sincerity, they are never wasted, they are granted bounties of both worlds, as Allah the Exalted said “wa leman khafa maqama rabbehi jannatan” and it is said so that anyone may not think that those who come to Me, lose world, rather, for them there are two paradises, one paradise in this world, and one which will be ahead.

Thus we should remember that Allah the Exalted wants from us that we should keep eye on morrow so that we get paradise in this world and paradise of next world too.

Allah the Exalted does not want to end freedom of any woman. Allah the Exalted wants that woman and man should remain in their respective circle so that the society in this world should present model of paradise by become beautiful, and due to following the pleasure of Allah the Exalted they should become heir of paradises in next world. May Allah the Exalted enable everyone to do so, so that their each act should be according to His pleasure and they obtain paradise of both worlds. [silent prayer] Aamin.