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For those who have a religious belief in fate, destiny, divine providence, etc.

Ella S.

Well-Known Member
Could you explain a bit about what you believe about fate, destiny, divine providence, etc.?
How does this belief impact your life?
How do you feel about the subject?
What do you think are some misconceptions surrounding the topic, from your perspective?

Sir Joseph

I'm surprised no one's answered up to this interesting thread. Let me give a Christian perspective.

We have written documents showing that America's first settlers and latter founding fathers believed in Gods Providential hand in the affairs of forming the nation. This Christian heritage is no longer taught in the schools and has been rejected by our modern secular culture, but I have excellent videos documenting this to be the case. Our nation's early leaders were very open with charters, proclamations, and speeches that gave thanks and prayer to God for his Providential protection and blessings upon the new Republic. So, to answer your question, I believe America as a country had a fate and destiny by Divine Providence. Thus, our song and motto, God Bless America - because it's been historically true.

The Bible gives several examples too of individuals's lives being orchestrated by Divine Providence. Joseph's betrayal by his brothers is an interesting account that led him from being a slave to saving Egypt and the Israelites. Moses, David, Esther, and others all had lives of Providential destiny that kept the line of Jesus intact.

As for me personally, I know God knew me in the womb and directs my life, but I don't know whether my path has been His Divine Providence for me or partly my own will and circumstances.

The misconception I'd note about fate is that people often use it generically the same way they give thanks - to some invisible, unkown force in the world.