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For those opposed to Trump's handling of the COVID-19 crisis

Fauci and Birx should resign in protest.

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My guess is that if Fauci or Birx resigned, it would only further unchain Trump to mishandle the crisis.

And it would do nothing to help boot him from office in November, since Trump's supporters are already suspicious of Fauci. And, if history is any guide, his supporters will side with Trump against anyone who resigns.

The best we can hope for is the adults in the room like Fauci and Birx are able to control his worst impulses until November, and we beat him then.

Milton Platt

Well-Known Member
Should Fauci and Birx resign in protest?

They should speak their mind loudly and often. If Trump is upset by the facts, and fires them, then everyone will know where they and he stand. He is like someone who never advanced beyond the age of 5 and is like a bully on a playground.