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Fine Tuning, Anthropic Principle is Beauty


Well-Known Member
Hence, the necessary condition for a perfectly beautiful person is the highest
Intellectual Coefficient (IQ) score. Such a person would know all knowledge
hidden so far, including the fact of the own presence, because you cannot be
All-knowing without self-awareness. In conclusion, the fact of the presence of
Perfect Beauty is among the yet undiscovered knowledge.

Beauty for a scientist (especially for Albert Einstein) is the
optimization of laws in nature and mathematics. When scientists
are talking about Fine Tuning and the Anthropic Principle,
they talk about optimizing the laws for the system ``nature + human''. The
human is placed to take care of nature in the book of Genesis. Hence
there are these ``observers'' in Quantum Mechanics. For example,
red blood cells are optimally shaped to carry oxygen through the
blood system. For example, Noah's Ark's description has an optimal shape
not to get drowned in a severe storm. And women are very beautiful. Why?
To save the World, e.g., in this clip, she keeps the store goods
from robbers by making them gentlemen: ``CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
Clip - Two Robbers (1991)'', YouTube.

More in: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/366325519_SOLVING_SMALE'S_18TH_PROBLEM

More! Much more! More than this above!