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Favorite Comedian

Who is your Favorite Comedian?

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Administrator Emeritus
Staff member
Dark_Waltz said:
Shame on you for not putting Peter Kay and the little britain guys
Lttle Britain in small doses, I think; the episodes become a bit repetitive; of course I am the ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbet age group; 'Round the Horne" (that was steam radio days).......:D


Active Member
I like the two ronnies and monty python and the carry on films now you come to mention it ;)
Not to mention steptoe and son omg I love it


The cake is a lie
My friend just got me to watch Eddie Izzard last night, and he cracked me up. :D I don't really watch comedians much, so I don't really know any other names to toss into the mix.


Neo-Logic said:
My favorite new younger aged stand-up comedian is Russell Peters. Here is a 45 minute video-clip of one of his performance. This is uncensored, of course, and there are some cursings, but it's absolutely halarious.

Ya Russell Peters is awsome, the first time I saw that 45 min clip, I was laughing so hard. Especially when he was talking about the Pacific mall (I've actually been in there before).

Quoth The Raven

Half Arsed Muse
Dark_Waltz said:
How are you liking the new series?
We only get single sketches on the ABC, and I'd never seen a single episode before my sister bought the series 1 dvd with her when she came to stay a couple of weeks ago and we watched the whole thing at once.
My personal favourites are Anne, and the Scottish hotelier. He always reminds me of the Goodies episode with the Loch Ness monster.

And now I have my husband walking around the place going,'But I'm a lady!'