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Favorite Bible's


Between extremes
I'm curious to know what people's favourite Bibles are. I assume most people will go for the King James Version which does have a number of mistakes in the text but the style of reading, although rather archaic, appeals to many people. I use the Sacred Scriptures Bethel Edition, which for those who question this Bible it is basically the American Standard Version but it uses the names Yahweh for G-d, and Yahshua for J-sus. His name was certainly not Yeshua, that was a lie to prevent the name Yah being used. Yahshua's name is consistent with Acs 4:12 which tells us there is no other name under heaven in which there is salvation as Yahshua means Yahweh is salvation. It is one of the more prominent Sacred Name Bibles, therefore, it uses the original Hebrew names. I also happen to favour the New International Version. I think i's quite accurate especially when you look up the original words in a Strong's Concordance. As a secondary question, do you use a Strong's Concordance in your studies and what music if any, do you like listening to when reading your Bible?

JPS Tanakh (w/ Hebrew and English)

Christian Bible, NRSV (w/Deuterocanonical books)

That's the way I float.


The NKJV is the best. I use the Sondervan Illustrated Study Bible in the main, with a NKJV in chronological order as a supplement, and I also keep a Strong's Concordance around as well as a copy of Joachim Jeremia's excellent historical study Jerusalem In The Time Of Jesus handy, and a copy of Darrell Bock's The Missing Gospels as well. Having these as a core library will arm one for nearly any discussion or dispute worth having.