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Even though I find myself on the disagreement side of apologetics, there are some well written works by Behe on the science side and Lewis's Mere Christianity was valuable reading. The biggest apologetics resource online is probably CARM.

David T

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Bill Hicks comes to mind!!!! I mean it didn't ask for any specific kind of apologist. I suppose someone could put Richard Dawkins, but man he seems like a really dumb Anglican although I am not sure are their smart Anglicans? Could be i just never heard of one. And i already know, so don't bother informing me of one you think is.


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Saint Louis De Montfort is mine
Louis de Montfort - Wikipedia

His book True Devotion to Mary is the surest, quickest, easiest way to Christian perfection. It gave me a taste of the sweet, succulent, celestial breast of the Mother of God, and after tasting such a foretaste of paradise and heavenly consolation, I lost all interest in anything but Rosary beads and Hail Mary's :)

Isaiah 66
11 For you will nurse and be satisfied at her comforting breasts; you will drink deeply and delight in her overflowing abundance..."
and you shall nurse, you shall be carried upon her hip, and bounced upon her knees.
13As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you


Christian apologists?

John Shelby Spong.

And Reza Aslan.

For science? And atheism?

Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens.


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I have a soft spot for CS Lewis. The late great Hitch was always entertaining, though a bit confrontational. I particularly like Tyson. He's just so approachable and doesn't make you feel like a moron for not understanding science lol.
Not an apologist, per Se, but I really love Sir David Attenborough's advocacy for nature appreciation.

Twilight Hue

Twilight, not bright nor dark, good nor bad.
I think my all time favourite is still Carl Sagon.

His vision and intellect and ability to explain in layman's terms is really appealing and interesting.