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Family prayer for the week

Discussion in 'Catholic DIR' started by Scott1, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. Scott1

    Scott1 Well-Known Member

    Jul 9, 2004
    January 9, 2005, Baptism of the Lord

    “I begin to see how true it is that God shows no partiality.” (Acts 10:34)

    1. Isaiah 42: 1-4, 6-7
    2. Acts 10: 34-38
    3. Gospel of Matthew 3:13-17

    REFLECTION: The Scripture readings for all the Sundays of January contain a similar message: Jesus came for all people. He did not come to save just a certain few. In the coming weeks, Paul will—in one of his most famous letters—underline again and again that, in Christ, there is no distinction among people.

    PRAYER: Lord, take us right where we are. Some of us are happy, some sad, some confused, some angry and hurt. We don’t have to be perfect to stand with you. Give us strength. Amen.


    This week is vocation awareness week. Take some time today to pray for those struggling to find the right vocation in life.

    Tonight at the family meal put a bowl of water as the centerpiece. Talk about the baptisms past or present in the family and what it means to be baptized as a Catholic Christian.

    Pray the new Mysteries of Light of the Rosary. Pray for world peace.

    It is difficult to be a Christian and to follow the ways of Christ. He teaches us no partiality in our love. Think of how you practice this today.

    At the dinner table tonight, ask each person what name, first or middle, they received at Baptism or took for Confirmation and why.

    Read the Acts of the Apostles in the Bible. Look for times in which Jesus showed no partiality.

    PRAYER: Lord, a great moment has arrived. Jesus is about to launch his public ministry. Help us with our public ministry so that we may share His Spirit. Amen.