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Expectations of the Messiah Vs What the Scriptures Stipulate


A queer sort
I'd agree based on what I see in reality, that the Lord of Creation (YHVH) used the dark matter to make a physical reality; as when we look at the 7 Deadly Sins, they're all about over indulgence of the material world.

It is clear that matter corrupts, and that Adam was made from matter; where adamah means soil/earth/matter.

Where I'd agree our world is evil in many places, and that can be seen where it is the opposite of live... Where many choose to eat (meat) & drink (alcohol) death.

In my understanding though, this is what reality is made from; it is all quantum chaos, and the Source that exist in a place of light, is merely using the darkness to create that light, and we're meant to learn to do the same.

Yeshua was a manifestation from the Lord (YHVH), saying he was just a prophet doesn't align with a majority of the religious prophecy; as he placed the Curse of Moses on the Children of Israel, which means he had to have that level of authority over our reality.

I believe the Mandaeans left Jerusalem prior to the 2nd temple destruction, as they recognized both John's, and Yeshua's fulfilment of prophecy, as coming from the Essenes/Nasoraeans against the Sanhedrin.

Because the religion they left (Ebionites) became corrupted by the Pharisaic Christianity (John, Paul, Simon), many have misconstrued views of who Yeshua was, and what he came to fulfil.

Understanding the Lord of Creation has made all of this, 'created the darkness, and the light' (Isaiah 45:7), is all part of the prophetic reality taking place; the Source has ordained all of this to test who'd call God evil, and not realize they do so...

Where Yeshua deliberately set people up, as the terminology j+sus (יסוס) means 'a beast that will trample down', and j+ses (יסס) means 'a beast that will tear away' (Matthew 7:6).

In my opinion. :innocent:

I don't buy into the so-called Biblical prophecies or Biblical texts more generally, developed as they were by followers of Yahweh/the creator of the material world.


One Accepts All Religious Texts
Premium Member
I don't buy into the so-called Biblical prophecies or Biblical texts more generally
I can understand why from your belief system; yet I wasn't only referring to the prophecies in the Bible, I believe Zoroastrian text prophesied Moses, and Yeshua, then Dharmic texts were before that...

It is like a poetic riddle across the whole of time, down here on the top floor of Hell, to see who studies the wisdoms, and recognizes the Source orchestrated the whole thing, to catch-out the ravenous demons, who've not questioned morality properly.

Thank you for sharing your belief structure; it is appreciated to hear someone who recognizes our reality is created from darkness.

In my opinion. :innocent: