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Exodus 16...Sabbath is tied to manna...it predates the 10 commandments


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You obviously don't have any facts to support the idea that David was deceitful.
Rubbish...absolute rubbish.

Read the story of David and Bathsheba in 2 Samuel 11. I have already quoted this, you ignored it, then come out with the above statement in complete ignorance.

The story is as follows

David sees Bathseba bathing...and is besotted with her.
He commands she be brought to him knowing she is Uriahs wife.
Davis sleeps with her and she gets pregnant.
To cover up her unfaithfulness and his crime, David summons Uriah from the battlefield...then tells him to go home to spend some time with his wife (hoping that her conception would be then attributed to Uriah and not David committing adultery).
Uriah won't go home to his wife...citing that would be unethical given the other soldiers were still on the battlefield.
David tries to get Uriah drunk hoping he would the go home to his wife. Uriah does not.
David sends Uriah back to the battlefield with a letter for Joab asking for him to be placed on the front line, with additional orders to pull back exposing Uriah so that he would be killed.

Uriah is killed and David relieved his sin is not exposed, then takes Bathsheba as his wife...thus her pregnancy is not questioned.

If you continue to claim the above is not deceitful...then basic reading comprehension is beyond you.
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