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Evolution of races

We Never Know

No Slack
I believe that the DNA of humankind had all the varieties colors there even thought the insides were all the same.

Correct me if I am wrong,, don't you believe in creation?

You say " I believe that the DNA of humankind had all the varieties colors"

Did Adam and Eve start out as zebra's

Subduction Zone

Veteran Member
I'm saying IMO the black race evoleved first, While the majority of that population stayed put in Africa, small groups broke off and migrated out of Africa and then kept migrating creating the different races we see today.
Mostly right. Except we were all one "race". We are still one race. The only differences are rather minor.

Subduction Zone

Veteran Member
Skin tone did. One came before the other.
Why does it matter? Our closest animal relatives live in Africa still. They have light colored skin under their fur. Our furry ancestors likely had light colored skin too. We with fur we would have needed it for vitamin D production. The loss of fur increased the sunlight to our skin so protection from UV would have been a need and the ample sunlight would have lessened the need for Vitamin D. We could still make it even with melanin. So our "human" ancestors became dark.

By the time our ancestors left Africa they would have been dark. But they would have lost that. But all one race at that time. And for practical reasons still one race today. Just differences that are only literally skin deep.

Evolutionary history is more than skin deep - Understanding Evolution