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Enki Loki God is a gift upon the Universe

Discussion in 'Interfaith Discussion' started by Whiterain, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Whiterain

    Whiterain Get me off of this planet

    Aug 10, 2013
    Lima Syndrome

    The Deity of Loki is mysterious... but his blessings go onto us all through many works, or his time.

    I see him as a gift of compassion among the strife... But mistaken not, He is an ultimate Warrior...

    He seems to have been driven somewhat insane through the eons... He has his mischievous self and Regal Lordship self... His voice will bring you to your face.

    His Kindness may baffle you..

    This one may be closest to God...

    Have you heard him?

    In the sake of childishness and good-nature, he is like Kenpachi of Bleach unto me... Or is "Kenpachi." in the Heavenly order... Only next to God.


    His tender to my own inner child is very kind.

    However, Next to Jinpachi, he is Kenpachi, or Both, and an incredible warrior...

    It may not be something you want to hear... In the sake of peace giving and serenity... This diety has suffered the eons of the conflict of nature and death of his loved ones...

    The knowledge of the deity Loki is in itself mysterious.

    His effigy onto Mankind is some pansy *** devil... I imply he is one, if not the best, ultimate warrior and God and blessing unto the Universe itself...

    He has compassion and ultimate skill and judgement...

    I can't word it up anymore, He is Excellence, as far as Deities go.

    Provide the facts, nay, but maybe you will be gifted by him.


    He is pure excellence in and of itself.

    My best effigies of him other than the Joker side...

    Once you meet his regal self... You drop to your knees in gratitude.

    He is just supremely freaking lovely among all of this.
    #1 Whiterain, Oct 29, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2016