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Embrace you darkness!


Resident megalomaniac
Greetings fellow earthlings!

I hope you are enjoying your time today here at the forum.

I was just browsing websites for info about the human ego.

There are any number of points-of-view.

Here is one site that may interest the more curious amongst you -

There is one great pitfall that we are all at risk of experiencing on our journey of self-transformation through life. This pitfall is essentially our tendency to ignore the entirety of what it means to be a human being. In other words, it can be very easy for us to ignore the darker elements of who we are, and instead focus on emphasizing our lighter, more comfortable elements.

As I wrote about in my previous article regarding discovering your core wound, when we ignore many of the deep-seated and uncomfortable aspects about ourselves, we do ourselves a disservice.

While it is noble for us to want to search for the good within everything, and while it is virtuous for us to want to use “love” to solve all of humanity’s problems, we often fail to acknowledge that we must first overcome the series of erroneous beliefs, psychological traumas, and parts of ourselves that we’ve neglected before “love” and “light” can serve as our guiding forces.

Read the full article here -

Why You Need to Forget Positivity, Keep Your Ego and Embrace Your Darkness

Wishing you all the very best!


Shadow Wolf

Certified People sTabber
I definitely couldn't agree more. It is us, and repressing it doesn't help. Understanding and learning about it is empowering.


LHP Mercuræn Feminist Heretic Bully ☿
Premium Member
Excellent article! All of the "love and light" things + dissolution of ego = being consumed by your Shadow.
Ego/conscious mind is your interface with reality. If you lose touch with reality, how can you intelligently distinguish between "love and light" and "darkness?" Again, it is being consumed by your Shadow.