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Eliminating Attachment And Aversion


Resident megalomaniac
Greetings fellow earthlings!

I hope you are all enjoying your experience here on the forum today.

Here's an interesting meditation site I just found while looking for links about attachment & aversion as the title suggests.

For a taste -

Attachment and aversion are the main two obstacles to experiencing peace according to the Buddha. However, like many words that have migrated two thousands years into the present day the meaning and context has changed so I would like to offer an easy to understand version of what attachment and aversion actually mean and how to overcome them.

I was stunned at the simplicity of this teaching when I first heard it from my Guru at the time. It was one of those teachings when he said, “if you just to remember one thing about Buddhism remember this”. So of course, I sat up and made effort to understand and memorise what he was about to say.

Put very simply attachment is over-estimating the ability of something to bring you happiness and aversion is the opposite in that you over-estimate the ability of something to bring you suffering.

To read much more -


Scroll down the page to a few more related articles at that site!

Enjoy your browsing.