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Du'a of Strength

Discussion in 'Islam DIR' started by john313, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. john313

    john313 warrior-poet

    a brother wrote this beautiful du'a and i wanted to share it with everyone. i intend to make it every morning between Tahajud and Fajr. it seems like a great way to start the day.

    *Du'a of Strength*

    Praise and Glory be to you Oh Allah you are the Most High the Most Merciful

    Oh Allah, i beg that you strengthen me and fortify me with faith, patience, love, peace and extinction of my selfish desires

    Oh Allah, i beg that you purify my intention and allow your perfect and holy Will to take control of my mind and use it to carry out your perfect intention

    i beg that you capture my soul in the light and purify it with a through purification

    i sacrifice my identity, my life and my soul to you Oh Allah that you may use me as you Will

    i beg that you continue to strengthen me with immeasurable faith, an unbreaking spirit, courage, nobility and patience as i make my way through the darkness and into light, through the fire and into the Kingdom, from ignorance to knowledge and from selfishness to selflessness

    As i cross the ever so narrow Sirat, i beg that you strengthen my spirit by granting me eternal light, patience, understanding and knowledge

    Oh Allah, if ever i stumble from the straight path, i beg that you strengthen me with the power to achieve so that i may never fall into ignorance, fear and weak faith

    i beg that you strengthen me with eternal remembrance

    i beg that you strengthen me to always control my emotions in every situation

    i beg that you strengthen me to submit to you perfectly

    I beg that you strengthen me to never sin again and to be a perfect manifestation of your Will

    i beg forgiveness for all my mistakes and all my sins

    i beg that you strengthen me to enjoin the right and forbid the wrong

    Praise and Glory be to you Oh Allah

    Your Will be done
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