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Druid Horoscope-what's your sign?

Discussion in 'Neopagan or Revival Religions' started by EnhancedSpirit, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. EnhancedSpirit

    EnhancedSpirit High Priestess

    Druid Horoscope- What's your sign?

    • Apple-tree - December 23 - January 1, June 25 - July 4
    • Ash - May 25 - June 3, November 22 - December 1
    • Beech - December 21-22
    • Birch - June 24
    • Chestnut - May 15-24, November 12-21
    • Cypress - January 25 - February 3, July 26 - August 4
    • Elm - January 12-24, July 15-25
    • Fig - June 14-23, December 12-21
    • Fir - January 2-11, July 5-14
    • Hazelnut - March 22-31, September 24 - October 3
    • Hornbeam - June 4-13, December 2-11
    • Jasmine - May 1-14, November 3-11
    • Kartas Southern - February 9-18, August 14-23
    • Linden (Lime tree) - March 11-20, September 13-22
    • Maple - April 11-20, October 14-23
    • Mountain Ash - April 1-10, October 4-13
    • Nut - April 21-30, October 24 - November 2
    • Oak - March 21
    • Olive - September 23
    • Pine - February 19-28, August 24 - September 2
    • Poplar - February 4-8, August 5-13
    • Willow - March 1-10, September 3-12
  2. EnhancedSpirit

    EnhancedSpirit High Priestess

    I am Jasmine:

  3. Feathers in Hair

    Feathers in Hair World's Tallest Hobbit

    Mine is Hazelnut (Mmm... I love hazelnuts!).
    "This sign is not balanced at all." Kinda goes against the whole Libra thing, then!
  4. Draka

    Draka Cylon Skin Job

    Mine doesn't really fit me at all...very few points describe me...most are completely off.
  5. Feathers in Hair

    Feathers in Hair World's Tallest Hobbit

    You found that, too, Draka?

    I was a bit worried that I fell into the trap of "believing any zodiac sign is true". Somehow, it's kind of reassuring to find one that doesn't fit me.

    Which is odd, since I think Druidus posted a variation on this awhile back, and that seemed fairly accurate.

    Maybe it's because the site is Russian?
  6. michel

    michel Administrator Emeritus Staff Member

    Ah, well I have Russian ancestry - maybe that explains why some of it sounds right...................:D

    Kartas Southern

    The tree is rather shaggy, strong, and harmonious. It is a solid and beautiful plant. It can adapt to any conditions easily. This sign dreams of comfort and conveniences, but it can spend the night in the open air, once there is a need. The sign is quite healthy. It feels home everywhere and doesn't know what shyness is. It is quite dynamical, self-confident, and self-respecting. Also, it forces others to consider its opinion and points. On the other hand, these people are rather sensitive to jokes concerning their personality and don't understands them.

    They like to astonish people and be in the highlight; they can scarify everything to achieve everyone's attention. These people think that it should be them who make the final decision and have the last word. They have the ability to resolve the most complicated problems. They don't realize how dangerous some satiations are. Moreover, they are quite improvident and often get tangled in unforeseen situations.

    These people are quite optimistic, which results in frequent careless acts both in business and private life.This sign is inclined to excesses. Even though this sign seems independent, it is quickly responsive to external influences. Directed by a skillful person, people of this sign may become not a free but a necessary agent.

    These people give their soul and body to the deed they choose. Therefore, there are many heroes and martyrs among people of this sign. Being an object of another person's influences, Kartas Southern has the ability to influence others as well. This sign can encourage people around it. It is rather persistent and among those who are always right.

    It is sensitive, susceptible and sentimental - may be committed forever and see love as the greatest thing in the whole world. Everything else is seen as a way of time spending - pleasant enough but not important. These people are rather intelligent and have the ability of rational problem-evaluation. These people think and make their decisions so quickly that many people are just amazed. They have artistry in their character as well. Most often, they reveal their talents in the field of music. Anyway, they have a well-developed feeling of rhythm.

    The sign is born for adventures. Hence, their life is quite mobile and diverse.

    The sign features: impulsiveness, optimism, intelligence, and deduction skills.
    The sign representatives: Galileo, Darwin, Kostyushko, Goethe, Brecht.

    I must admit there are some traits that ring true - mainly the negative ones though..:)
  7. CaptainXeroid

    CaptainXeroid Following Christ

    Like Michel, mine is Kartas Southern.

    Funny thing, I was thinking about horoscopes on my birthday was last week.:p One thing I noticed in my Leo Horoscope and these is that with several broadly defined traits for each sign, I think most people could find a few under each sign that apply to them. It is entertaining though.
  8. KirbyFan101

    KirbyFan101 Resident Ball of Fluff

    I find it to be inaccurate.

    This is also the first horoscope I have seen to single a persons date of birth out "march 21".
  9. EnhancedSpirit

    EnhancedSpirit High Priestess

    It's interesting that you say that. The American Indians have a horoscope as well, that consists of Animal totems. The Indians believe, however, that you are born under a certain totem, but you are suppossed to travel the whole wheel during your lifetime.

    I had never seen a Druid Horoscope before the other day, I thought it would be fun to post it. I might put the American Indian Horoscope in it's appropriate thread. I am a Beaver :)biglaugh: ) And I'm a Cock in the Chinese Horoscope and there is a Zoraster Horoscope that says I am a Falcon. What a crazy combination that is, Bull-Cock-Beaver-Falcon-Jasmine. Those are my five signs.
  10. Lady Crimson

    Lady Crimson credo quia absurdum

    My horoscopes usually fit me well. I'm a pisces, a metallic Horse (chinese zodiac) and a bear (American Indian Horoscope). But the whole Linden tree thing didn't quite fit. There were a few aspects which don't suit me at all.

    Hm....ES, if you thought your combination was wacked, what about mine? I'm a half horse, half bear that can breath underwater and smells like tea. :biglaugh:
  11. Shadow Wolf

    Shadow Wolf Living Dead Girl

    Ask me when I'm dead.
    That was the only line that doesn't fit me at all. Maybe I'm that tough nut that comes along every once in awhile that is very difficult to crack. That is if hazlenuts are ever hard to crack open.
  12. kreeden

    kreeden Virus of the Mind

    Which is based upon the Cherokee Medicine Wheel , is it not ? I have often wondered about that , as the European idea of a horoscope didn't seem to fit in with what I understand of First Nation Spirituality . But traveling the whole Wheel makes sense . :) Thanks for the insight ES .

    BTW I'm a Serpent on the Wheel , which makes me a Scorpio and Jasmine ... or at lest those are the signs I was born under . Oh , and I'm a Ram { Black Sheep hehe } in the Chinese Zodiac .
  13. Feathers in Hair

    Feathers in Hair World's Tallest Hobbit

    My combinations work together nicely. Hmm... Do you think we should create another thread to discuss what happens when horoscopes combine? (That'd be kind of cool!)
  14. Prima

    Prima New Member

    Mine fit me perfectly. But then again, it's necessary to compare truth with your view of yourself and others view of you. The three can be rather different.

    Besides mine being correct I have a connection with my sister-in-tree, Elizabeth I. Lots of odd little things, I suppose - I've always been fascinated with her, and we have some strange coincidences. One of them is the fact that we had the same childhood nickname
  15. Dark_Waltz

    Dark_Waltz New Member

    Nothing like me whatsoever but I love the smell of pine trees, then again I am not like Virgo sign either I think I am just one of those exceptions to the rule:162:
  16. Katzpur

    Katzpur Not your average Mormon

    LDS Christian
    Yeah, Feathers! That's the first thing I noticed, too!
  17. Storm Moon

    Storm Moon † Spiritual Warrior †

    I got Hazelnut as well.

  18. ShivaFan

    ShivaFan Satyameva Jayate Premium Member


    This is very interesting. Is there more background on this Druid (or other pagan") system and what the "signs" mean? According to this, my "sign" is the apple tree.

    Any more "High Priestists" out there who can give more detail as to origin, history, meaning?

    Om Namah Sivaya
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