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Double Meanings.....parables


Rogue Theologian
When I read scripture my take on the parables and metaphors seems different
I don't hear what I believe when others speak of such teachings.

for example....."I shall make you fishers of men."

sounds simple....

I reason....fish do not know hooks.....fish do not know nets...
but they are caught and brought from the water to lose their breath
and they are consumed

metaphor gone to far?

maybe not far enough?


"I shall make you fishers of men." = "I shall teach you all how to 'caught' men using 'tools' and 'methods' that said men don't even know could exist"

That's my interpretation.


Fatalist. Christian. Pacifist.
True. Not far enough.

Cain and Abel are reeling each other in, becoming sacrifices to one another- and yet before they are offered, the satiety of God is full.


Just old
Premium Member
I suppose (Saul,Matthew, And John's others) could have meant simply,
He said "go convince others to follow, as to be fishers of many."
or sumptin like that !


Rogue Theologian
and I take it all the way to scars and stains.....

having heard....you cannot plead ignorance
as if someone put a fish hook in your ear or your lip
you can't say it didn't happen
there's blood on your shirt

you can't say you don't know better

you've been snared

but then what?
struggle to resist?.....fish often do