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Doom upon the E-Verification Era

Discussion in 'Historical Debates' started by MikeDwight, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. MikeDwight

    MikeDwight Well-Known Member

    Aug 13, 2019
    Doom upon the E-Verification Era
    "The Internet: Where is it?"
    By Mike Dwight, et al.
    Collaborative work
    The Picture struck a different meaning in the mind's eye. Let's continue. Now is the time to think of how all fields suffer from the roughly 2000 to 2019 era of electronic representation of personhood, e-verification and signature. Envision a man being forced to some 'important' self-representation against his will by gun or knife. Where is the place it was signed? No evidence will be processed to figure this out like if it were a paper contract? Everyone will have the electronic "agreement record" of that forever? No one would question the framing fitting our perspective of a social event occurring online?

    Prospective Chapter topics

    I. What did our 'personal tool' that was 'our right' turn into from the 90's era? A Company would list a phone number for any more "information" that the user could gain more than their website. Still today, E-mails are meant to be very brief and short to call to meetings that are meant for accountability. There wasn't any representation of an accountable user until you called a toll free phone number.

    2. Foreign influence, Countries overseas are ditching real currency for the iPhone swipe and scan technologies, RFID cards, putting your life on your phone, way ahead of the United States, makine cash near nonexistent. Is that right for everywhere, however? These same places will require you to have already known a person to then onnect to their online profile, which to log onto your profile, required a cell phone verification, a verifiable name, etc.

    3. The Facebook effect; in what ways are Users in Use of their internet meant to be Accountable to a Roleplay mechanism such as Facebook? Are people more Accountable due to providing the game-master of this Dungeons and Dragons the phone number verification? Where is that listed in the agreement?

    4. Morgan's Law effect; Under age girls reputedly having received negative comments from machines that appear to be representing users using their Internet Explorer, have committed suicide from supposedly mean comments. Morgan's Law was at least one family's attempt to avenge their daughter against any hate speech appearing on social accounts that appeared on Dr. Phil. What was needed was Computer Classes and no confusion from the Black-and-White User-Computer relationship we used to enjoy.

    5. Only the big fat cats benefit when accountability is placed on users where there wasn't, a loss on investment to your Computer, your way of life, your information systems.

    misc. How is it we've found that people who are not speaking the language of a contract, signed, will in effect not be enforced and have not signed the contract. yet, Companies believe the profitability of the End User License Agreement. Again, this is not The Effect of having driven, sat down in an office, and signed papers after having looked over papers. That is a baseless action, thus my sub-title, "Where is the Internet?"

    If we followed examples like the ESRB rating system which says it "cannot rate your online interactions". If your online interaction in a product does not meet expectations, it was not a predetermined outcome, or the user created content.
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