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Don't try to be mindful


Resident megalomaniac
Greetings to all curious enough to click on this thread.

I hope you are enjoying your experiences here on the forum today.

I was cruising YouTube as I do on a regular basis.

This one caught my attention as it seems to be the opposite advice about the benefits of mindfulness that is all-the-rage here in the West all of a sudden. Even though it dates back thousand of years.

Anyway, make up your own minds -

Enjoy your viewing!


The Sum of Awe

Brought to you by the moment that spacetime began.
That’s beautiful. I’ve always used a similar perspective, the idea of remembering you’re alive once in a while and that your “story/narrative”, as he calls it, is an experience and that one can be grateful for the mere fact of having the experience and the challenge. The emotions we feel in life, good and bad, are to be felt and embraced rather than ignored or reacting to them, because they are all beautiful.