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Don't grade yourself when praying

Discussion in 'Catholic DIR' started by Mark Dohle, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. Mark Dohle

    Mark Dohle Active Member

    Dec 3, 2016

    Don't grade yourself when praying

    I sat to pray today, tried to meditate,
    could sit for a few minutes and then my mind
    was all over the map. I also fell asleep for a bit.
    I can always tell, my neck hurt..

    So I got our my rosary and begun the round,
    slowly, and I settled in for a bit,
    then I yawned, and wondered what time it was,
    waiting for the five minute warning bell for Vespers,
    it took forever to ring, but I moved on to the next prayer.

    Finally the warning bell rang, and as I bowed my head,
    I said, "Lord I am really not to good at this am I?
    My heart whispered to me "Just pray, don't grade yourself,
    look to Jesus, not at your own feet!"

    So hopefully as the years go by, and I again wander during prayer
    I can bring my focus back to Christ Jesus, and simply continue.

    i never got good grades in school, so I should be used to it--Br.MD