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Does the divine actually care?

blü 2

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Well that just about clinches it - any deity sensible enough to include a golf club in his cosmic design and then to spend the rest of eternity quaffing Chateau Latour without a care in (or about) the world definitely has my respect. Welcome back God - all is forgiven.
Beer, actually.


Devourer of Truth
well, let's dissect what God is normally thought of. an Omnipotent being. a Being that can create a seemingly endless extremely complex universe. out of nothing. is pretty powerful.
Omniscient. at least within that universe, this being knows everything. a being of such immense power and knowledge. why would you assume it has emotions? or anything similar to human traits? when you play a Sims game do you take on the same feelings and emotions as your sims. or when you play civilization 6. do you cry every time one of your soldiers die? no, you yourself know they are not real. at least to you. you hold values and such that those sims or people in Civ do not.

really a being of such immense grandeur. would see us as nothing more than bacteria. our existence while possibly due to some grand plan after all who creates a universe for no real reason gives it basic laws that grow in complexity and the ability to house life and just leave it alone for the rest of eternity. but I am not going to assume to know or give any of this meaning above what I myself give it. trying to guess what such a being wants is like an ant looking at the Sun. it's a bit pointless. but still a fun little thought experiment.

Morality as far as we know is a strictly Human concept. on the complexity we give it. other animals may feel empathy but that's different.
if we look at nature and everything else Good and Evil does not exist. we live in a solid gray world and it is our own power to decide what is black or white or in between. but we cant apply that same rationale to a being so far above us we would not even recognize it as existing if it were even standing right in front of us.

as we cant apply our morality to an earthworm.

it's not a matter of caring or not caring. the idea's themselves are only bound and held by as far as we know only us and a few other animals.