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Do you follow voices and signs? Valetudinarianism.


Well-Known Member
It is a powerful voice begging not to pay the ferrymen. But is it an obvious thing to follow the order of these voices? Perhaps the ferrymen had meant good when he asked for money.

So, I am asking your personal opinion: would you have paid the ferrymen and ignored the "godly" voice from beyond?



Aštara, Blade of Aštoreth
Sometimes, when converting my own inner inclinations into words, it might come off as “voices”. If an inclination is powerful enough, over time I might develop a thoughtform for it to help narrow down, focus, and embody the range of human thoughts and behaviors I associate with it. Once I understand what aspects of my human nature a “thoughtform” represents, I depict it in my artwork to better express my own inner conflicts and ambitions, and to inspire and motivate myself and others in specific areas of life. At this point, it might not be inaccurate to describe it as a “god” or “goddess”, or “demon”, or “angel”. I move forward, utilizing it as a constant source of inspiration… and I look for ways to return the favor and express my gratitude and reverence, with great enthusiasm.

Do the gods of various religions share similar origins? Is this a way in which gods might be… “born”? In many cases… probably. In others… who knows?

Does this make them any less “real”?

Hell no.

So… I feel the voice(s) inspiring me, as I create my own destiny and deny “the ferryman” it’s control over my fate. What I follow is not “the ferryman”, or “the voices”, but my own True Will. If something within me inspires that course… I welcome it.
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