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Do you believe in cultivation of the soul through internal alchemy?

Xian Fanatic

New Member
I'm not sure if this is the forum for discussions of internal alchemy and cultivation of the soul but since this tread is more focused on the aspects of the supernatural and magic rather than the Qigong/Taoist scam part, I decided to post it here.

What is your opinion of the idea of immortal cultivation from novels and comics?
Do you think it is possible to train/cultivate your soul into higher tiers such as a celestial being?
If someone were to discover a way to meditate that allowed you to train/cultivate your soul, would you?

What are your views about internal alchemy? (logical or nonsense?)
According to the Yuga cycle we are in the last period/era, would discovering and practicing immortal cultivation restart the cycle?
Do you think that immortal cultivation could be the next era of humanity?