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do wijji boards work?

Discussion in 'General Debates' started by coolguyword, May 17, 2005.

  1. coolguyword

    coolguyword New Member

    I was just wondering if anyone in this forum has experimented with them,and if so what was your experience like if you had one all. I wanted to experiment with a wijji board just to see what happens and to further my theory that when you die your dead and all you see is black. I just wanted to see if there really is a power of Satan.
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  2. Master Vigil

    Master Vigil New Member

    What makes you think it is a power of Satan? Especially since alot of people son't even believe he exists?

    About the question though, It depends on what you mean by "work?" I personally believe nothing factory made like the ouija board, works, or works properly. I have had many experiences with the board, and I find nothing "super" about it. Its just a board.
  3. Mr Spinkles

    Mr Spinkles Mr

    With letters on it.
  4. kreeden

    kreeden Virus of the Mind

    It is just a board , with letters on it ... which makes it a tool . Nothing more . And what you use that tool for is up to you . They make nice bread boards for excample ... Sorry , couldn't help that one . ;)

    No , have never used one , even as a bread board . However I have used other means of divination that had very interesting results .

    Along the same line as the bread board , I think that if some one believes in Satan , then he does exist . For that person at lest .
  5. Unedited

    Unedited New Member

    I have had only one experience with a ouiji board. I was with a group of friends who wanted to test whether or not any of us had ESP or something. I wrote down a word, and then one of the girls allowed the thing to move, trying to get the word I'd written down. When it came to my turn, I felt this weird pull, so I just went with it. I got a word, and then my friends showed me the word they'd written down and it was the same! :eek: I couldn't believe it. We tried it twice more, both times I got the word again. I was starting to freak out until one of my friends started laughing. Apparently they'd planned the whole thing in advance and had used magnets to guide me. One of my friends had a magnet underneath the table which she used to guide me to the right words, which would explain the weird pull.

    So in conclusion, they're very fun to freak out our friends with, but proving or disproving the existence of Satan? I don't think so.
  6. michel

    michel Administrator Emeritus Staff Member

    They make cool skateboards!:biglaugh:
  7. Ardhanariswar

    Ardhanariswar I'm back!

    ive heard some pretty bad things about them. i will never touch one again in my life. the only time i did was when this kid in our religion class did a presentation on exorisms and passed around a ouija board.

    ive never actually played it, but im not one to be fooling around with such things.

    www.unsolvedmysteries.com has a lot of good stories and advice about the ouija boards, paranormal and other stuff like that.
  8. Ardhanariswar

    Ardhanariswar I'm back!

    make sure, whatever you do on a ouija board, say GOODBYE when you are done. that way the spirit entities cannot enter your world.
  9. CaptainXeroid

    CaptainXeroid Following Christ

    One interesting tibit, the word Ouija = the French(Oui) and German(Ja) words for yes.

    I don't have personal experience with a Ouija Board, but I've heard accounts from those who do. One tip I'd throw out based on their accounts is that if you believe it to be a medium for contacting the spirit world, do not use it by yourself.

    Now, if your theory is 'when you die your dead and all you see is black', is this what you expect the spirits to tell you and how would would this prove 'there really is a power of Satan'?:confused: It could be interesting to hear how your expectations of the Ouija experience shape its outcome.
  10. Malus 12:9

    Malus 12:9 Temporarily Deactive.

    Scrabble makes a good alterntive:D

    Took the words out of my mouth. It is up to the mind of the user. We can say it works or it doesn't, but it is up to the person that WANTS to believe it:)
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  11. Master Vigil

    Master Vigil New Member

    Actually both Oui, and Ja, mean yes. Not hello.
  12. Druidus

    Druidus Keeper of the Grove

    I don't think they work. If the spirits want to talk, they will. They don't need a piece of wood to do so.
  13. CaptainXeroid

    CaptainXeroid Following Christ

    Thank you....I could've sworn I typed 'yes'. Maybe I angered the spirits and they changed it somehow. :p
  14. Engyo

    Engyo Prince of Dorkness!

    I was always able to make the ouija board say whatever I wanted it to; I never experienced the "board answering" or any "spirits" answering through it.
  15. SpiritElf

    SpiritElf New Member

    I used those boards when I was teenager. And I used them *alone*, so I knew that *I* certainly wasn't moving the thing! And it was fast, it would immediately go to an answer or letter,the pull was quite strong. I believe in the spirit world, so I just assumed that it was an evil spirit, and stopped using it.
    Then one day, someone told me "It only knows what *you* know." I decided to test that little theory. I imagined the answer I wanted in my head, and it never failed to give me the answer I wanted to hear. When I asked a question that I did not know the answer to, it swirled around. When I thought two different contradicting answers in my head, it swirled around.
    Now, I could deduce a few things from this:
    a) I was moving the pointer, to where I subconsciously wanted it to go, and managed to fool myself into thinking it was moving independently. -or-
    b) A spirit was moving it, but could not tell me anything that I didn't know already. -or-
    c) A spirit was moving it, as well as myself, and I was winning the battle.
    Either way, what was the point of using the thing??
    I've never used one since. I still believe in the power of spirits, but I also know now what I didn't realize then: the strong desire evil spirits have to deceive. Relying on one for information would be a foolish, foolish enterprise.
  16. Draka

    Draka Cylon Skin Job

    I seem to be in the clear minority here. As the only one that will outright say "they do work" I have had too many experiences not to believe in them. I have been using them since I was a child with my mother who used them since she was a child as well.

    As for they only know what you know...I have done them with others and gotten information that none of us either knew nor wanted to hear that came out true. Also magnets cannot explain how I have had a pointer fly out from under my hand and also when I lifted my hand from the board the pointer remained under my hand once and span under my fingers. Noises from nowhere in my house and things moving on their own while using one and while not, proves to me the presence of otherworldly entities communicating strongly.

    I always use one within a cast circle for protection and to only allow invited entities, for the experiences I have had while not using a circle have sometimes resulting in me feeling things that feel like physical pushing. When in a circle I have never had any problems and the divination process has went off without a hitch.

    Ouija is not something I do often though...I much prefer my tarot cards.:jiggy:
  17. michel

    michel Administrator Emeritus Staff Member

    After my silly comment this morning, I have used ouja boards - as I used lettered cards and an upturned glass. There were four or five of us who used to 'have a chat' with anyone around, and we nearly always ended up talking to two young Girls called Ada and Faye; If I remember rightly they had been killed in a fire.

    I always made a great point of saying a prayer at the beginning, asking for protection, and, at the end, I always very politely asked that the spirits should leave.

    I am personally convinced that we were in fact talking to spirits - for one it is not very easy for five of you to have the coordination to move the glass in the same direction; it was always effortless, and we were sometimes surprised by what was spelled out. The other point that made me quite convinced that we were in fact communicating is that not one of us would ever have heard of the names Ada and Faye.

    I also used a pendulum to talk to spirits, and was very surprised to find myself apparently talking to my Belgian Grandma, who was alive. She was very ill at the time, and spent nearly all day in bed - I used to 'talk' to her in the afternoons. I never did try asking her if she was aware of these 'talks'; somehow I didn't feel I ought to.:)
  18. coolguyword

    coolguyword New Member

    No actually what I want to do is use the wijji board with a couple friends in a dimlit room with candles around. Then I will proceed to tell the forces that be If they are present to show themselves to me and I want to see what happens.

    ps. i have an openmind so Im not expecting anyone exact thing. This experience should be interesting.
  19. Shadow Wolf

    Shadow Wolf Living Dead Girl

    Ask me when I'm dead.
    I purchased an oiuji board once to experiment with. While I was using it, which it did work as a divination tool, a spirit told that the boards are an insult to the spiritual world. It told me that the maker of the board, parker brothers i think, marketed the spiritual world as a game, and was only concerned about money. I believed this seeing how since the board is massed produced, no real care or thouht is put into the production. Also, it is marketed as a game, which I thought was an insult before I bought it. I also found the board very prone to answering a question with what you want to hear. I did have a difficult time burning the board when I was done with it. It took about 3 gallons of gas just to get it to burn, then about 2 more to get the flames to stay. After about 30 minutes, there was still many parts of the board that was recognizable. After about an hour, the board was about 98% destroyed, with the corners still remaining blackened. My brother claims that when he was forced to burn his when he was a kid, the moon frowned and then the board screamed. I don't know if that really happened, but ive heard of other boards screaming when they was being burned.
  20. Prima

    Prima New Member

    Let me give you a few words of warning.

    The spirits are not toys.

    They do not usually appreciate being told to show themselves to prove something to a friend.

    I would suggest that, seeing as how you have yet learned that the board is not called a W-I-J-J-I board, you're not truly interested in truth or understanding. I would also suggest that even if you are, these 'friends' probably aren't. For example, what do you want a dark room for? or the candles? Is it because you've seen it in the media, or because you're actually knowledgable? Are you capable of casting some sort of circle?

    The spirits do not NEED a piece of wood - with numbers and letters on it, which can be used for numerous things, including a rather excellent breadboard - to communicate.

    Be polite.

    This is the most important piece of advice I would give you : be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

    I haven't known Satan to show up just because of a board, he has more important things to do. But know that if he does, he's probably gonna be ticked off. Ditto with what you might call a 'demon' But spirits aren't necessarily friendly and chipper, and it appears to me that you have little to no protection or means of dealing with a frustrated, unhappy, or upset spirit.

    I myself stay away from it, simply because I think, as Luke said, that it's become too much of a game. It reminds me of that kid who tried to sell his soul on ebay - you're just asking for trouble!

    I'm not saying don't do it. I'm saying that it has the potential to turn out badly, and like all things, you should do a little research and thinking before doing it.

    By the way, I think anything works if you want it to hard enough :)
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