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Discover Kemeticism

Thank you for your query.

A good book for exploring the Kemetic idea of God is "Conceptions of God in Ancient Egypt- The One and the Many, by Erik Hornung".

Good websites are Kemet.org

And you can also Google up the Kemetic InterFaith Network site.

Hope that helps :)
Thank you for sharing your beliefs in this thread and being patient enough to answer all the questions. I actually posted in the African Religions page asking about Kemeticism and was made aware of this page. Upon reading the questions and answers, much of what I was wondering has been addressed. In particular I was looking for links and this particular reply I am quoting does just that. The only information Ive been able to source previously is through the Kemetic Orthodox website and wikipedia and a friend who has shared a few of his beliefs with me. I am actually fascinated that I could quite possible learn about the original religion from people who practice and have already set up a shrine for Netjer in the name of Isis and prayed for guidance which I believe led me here. My only question now is if it is disrespectful for white people to investigate and follow some if not all the beliefs of Kemetic Orthodoxy being the history of Europeans and Ancient Kemet and the appropriation by said Europeans of Kemetic philosophies and sciences and rituals. My friend said that if I go back far enough in my ancestors they will only get blacker but I was unsure if it trite of me to assume descending from the original man even though modern science verifies this. I look forward to reading more posts on this page and following the links you've posted and in particular doing independent research to see what I can discover about the practices and beliefs.

Frater Sisyphus

Contradiction, irrationality and disorder
I believe Kemeticism is my natural point of acquired spiritual change (or addition), it balances out what problems I have in modern Thelema* - as I believe Liber AL Vel Legis is a valid received holy text concerning the modern world (in contrast to the ancient world of the Egyptian Book Of The Dead - The Book Of Coming Forth By Day, and other funeral texts).
From now, I formally consider myself a Kemetic Thelemite - not adhering to orthodox Thelema, instead adhering to Kemetic ("ancient Egyptian" pagan religion).

Any Kemeticists here too? by the way :)

*and also related spiritual groups like the Golden Dawn, who only use Egyptian symbolism in their practices