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Did the Prophet Muhammad ever exist?


رسول الآلهة
Islamic history goes pretty dark considering the narrations of Muhammad as he is seen in so many lights and he never has a consistent character. I can easily say he existed but of course he was nothing we assume him to be. Islam has a tendency of breaking it's own rules as Muslims deify Muhammad and paint him to be a divine actor in the will of a god's plans.

But is his historical existence even relevant?


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I think a man like Muhammad did exist, but what they write about him may not be true, just like the man Jesus, many have put him up on a pedestal and have made a god out of him, the same goes for Muhammad and also many other god-men.
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Grand Hat
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I've seen no one ask this and I don't know if he's ever existed. Is there any proof?

It's been asked plenty of times, although I haven't seen it recently on RF if that is what you meant.

My take is that Muhammad seems pretty likely. More so than some other historical figures we take for granted. Determining detail is trickier, and I (obviously) don't buy into the Quranic beliefs surrounding him.