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Dec 3 2020 Final Thoughts

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Aštra’el, Dec 3, 2020.

  1. Aštra’el

    Aštra’el Member

    Sep 23, 2019

    -Zero Point Non-Response, Mega Drive-

    I stood there in the darkness.

    I had come a long way. It was cold, and I felt wind all around me. I had become strong, so strong, but I was alone, except for one Bright Light of Nights, reaching out with lightning strikes in attempt to help me find my way.

    “Goddess.” I said.

    “I have lost my sword. Or... have I forsaken it? It is gone. Will you help me forge another?”

    “That sword is gone forever.” She said. “Let us craft another. And then, let us use it.”

    With each faint flicker of light, images entered my mind... visions, and dreams. Life and death, faces, places, gateways...

    “Do you not see? All that is ahead? All that could be? Those things can not happen without this blade. Those things can not happen without your choice, the choice to forge, but also the choice to wield, the choice to fight! And then, the choice to conquer.”

    I perceived Aštoreth’s voice, her form taking shape in my mind. Six wings, glowing turquoise eyes, black armor, a sword from Above and a sword from Below.

    “You are in chains, Aštra’el, chains of your own making! Unmake them! Forge your sword! Remember who you are and decide who you will to be! Stand by my side and fight! Let us continue our journey far from here! The world awaits!”

    I stepped forward and I took her hand, once again. I Will to unbecome any things I despise, and to evolve into that which my heart screams out to become.

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