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Dark Matter is inside Earth: 500 grams in total


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How many kilograms of Dark Matter is contained inside planet Earth? I heard that 500 grams. But what peer-reviewed article is calculating it? If hell is under us, it affects the planet, increasing its weight. This increase in weight is Dark Matter. How much of it is below us?

Why, if a person "does not have a soul," people shout to the Ancient Rome government: "bread and circuses." What is the spectacle/circus for if there is plenty of food in Rome for the body?

What is a soul? Dark matter. Dark is not in the sense of evil, but I use the term that physicists came up with.

There was top secret (but ridiculed to hide the secret) observation. A person was weighed before and after death. To determine the "weight of the soul." No. This is not the weight of the soul but the weight of Dark Matter. The invisible soul influences the body, increasing its weight. When the soul flies out, the weight of the body decreases.


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Dark matter matter has never been seen in the lab to know for sure, if it is real. Science has seen dark matter as many times as God in the lab, but only one is allowed. It appears dark matter is a needed addendum to the standard theory of the universe, due to observations that suggest that the universal energy balance is off using only the standard model.

The technical problem appears to be connected to the relative nature of frames of references and on how we need to observe the universe from the earth.

As an example of the problem, say we have a man on a train that is moving at velocity V. We also have a man sitting at on a bench waiting for the train. Based on Einstein's theory of relative motion, both men can appear to see the other man moving at velocity V. Based on using our eyes, both references can appear to see the same relative motion. This could be overcome if we had a third fixed point, that was known, so we can compare the two. However, w ego not have this third point, since the universe is thought to have no center, for comparison.

This relative reference affect creates a problem if we try to do an energy balance with two relative references; earth and X. The energy may not be the same. In the example, a moving train will contain far more kinetic energy than a moving man sitting on a bench. If we assume the man on the bench is moving, we will short change the universe, energy, and violate energy conservation.

If we are restricted to using just the eyes for observations; practical restrictions, like when using telescopes, you cannot see the energy difference within relative references. What you will need will be one of your other senses for a second opinion; sense of touch. A genuine moving reference will cause sensations in your body as you go up and down hills, and around corners. You will not feel anything sitting on the bench; only see relative velocity. The second sense approach, with eyes closed, will tell us the train is moving, closing the real energy balance.

It appears the original moving references of standard theory was not correct and led to a problem in the energy balance; not enough energy to explain some new observations. Dark matter was a way to add energy to the universe without changing, the sitting man, from thinking he is moving.

The work around to this problem, is to use the one and only universal observational reference that is the same in all references; speed of light, for our earth observations. This will make observations the same everywhere so energy balances all match. This is why I start the universe in a speed of light frame where space and time are disconnected.
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