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Dark Matter as Simulation of E.Musk

Discussion in 'Science and Religion' started by questfortruth, Mar 13, 2021.

  1. questfortruth

    questfortruth Well-Known Member

    May 19, 2017
    Eastern Orthodox Christianity
    Dark Matter is presented as a consequence of the hypothesis of simulation,
    in particular of augmented reality (AR).

    Because dark matter has not yet been observed directly, it must barely
    interact with ordinary baryonic matter and radiation, except through gravity,
    if it exists. Most dark matter is thought to be non-baryonic; it may be
    composed of some not yet discovered subatomic particles. The primary candidate
    for dark matter is some new kind of elementary particles that have not yet
    been discovered, in particular weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs).
    Many experiments to directly detect and study dark matter particles are being
    actively undertaken, but none have yet succeeded.

    Elon Musk, a highly authoritive figure, talks on YouTube that most likely our
    world is an intelligent simulation. He has mentioned the idea that part of our
    world is simulated (part A), and part is not (part B): it is like "augmented
    reality" (check this term in Wikipedia), made by highly advanced beings.
    I argue that part B is a galaxy, but part A is the Dark Matter surrounding
    that galaxy. Hereby, I am calling Dark Matter being the virtual reality, the
    virtual matter.

    Indeed, the failure of direct detection of Dark Matter tells at least to me
    that Dark Matter passes through our reality as being free from interaction
    with it. Gravity is not the direct-contact interaction, as is known. This is
    just like the augmented reality of the Pokemon Go game; the virtual monster
    Pokemon is being placed into our reality without direct interaction with

    Pokemon Go is a 2016 augmented reality (AR) mobile game
    developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and The
    Pokemon Company for iOS and Android devices. The game uses mobile devices
    with GPS to locate, capture, train, and battle virtual creatures called
    Pokemons, which appear as if they are in the player's real-world location.

    It is understandable why underground detectors for particles of Dark Matter
    have caught absolutely nothing for so many years of work. Usually, particles
    have a pretty strong effect on our world. But such small corpuscles as
    neutrinos have the weakest effect on ordinary matter. I give convincing
    arguments that Dark Matter acts so weakly on our world that its direct-contact
    action is equal to zero. That is why Dark Matter passes through the devices
    that are built for its capture completely without noticing them, completely
    without labor and friction with these devices. Such Dark Matter is
    representative of the "invisible'' world, i.e. the detectors trying to
    detect it locally are "blind'', they see nothing. They fall into the third
    category of matter,

    Living visible matter - people, animals, artificial animals
    (latter is Artificial Intellect).

    Living visible matter - stones, rocks, ice.

    Non-living invisible matter - dark matter.

    Living invisible matter - the prediction of my classification of matter.
  2. darkskies

    darkskies Active Member

    Jan 5, 2021
    Didn't you post something exactly like this a while back? Minus the Musk part.
    #2 darkskies, Mar 13, 2021
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2021
  3. questfortruth

    questfortruth Well-Known Member

    May 19, 2017
    Eastern Orthodox Christianity
    No, the words are very different.
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  4. gnostic

    gnostic The Lost One

    Jan 12, 2006
    Pi π
    Augmented reality is sort of like virtual reality and holography, where computers allow for interactions of real world and virtual computer generated reality together.

    For instance, in the Iron Man films, Stark’s helmet not only allow him to view the real world, the visor will also generate images and data, which he can view or read information. For examples, when Iron Man find civilians and enemies together, his AI Jarvis will identify targets (enemies), which will show up Stark’s visor.

    It have nothing to do with Dark Matters of astrophysics.

    You are clumsily trying to mixed together, and understanding neither of them, questfortruth.

    Why do this, questfortruth?

    You confused one for the other, and demonstrated your ignorance on both subjects.