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Dark magic could not veil us from you Ali

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Link, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. Link

    Link Well-Known Member
    Premium Member

    May 10, 2019
    Twelver seeker
    Poisons and traps,

    Occult darkness

    Magic upon magic

    All to veil us from you,

    O Ali

    We tore the veils

    Till every verse,

    Of the holy book,

    Spoke behind the curtain,

    Saying Ya Ali

    O Ali

    We are here to help you

    We are here to support you

    We are here to love you

    O Ali

    Allah eloquently calls to you in Quran

    While your eloquent tongue calls to Quran

    You are with the truth

    And the truth is with you

    O Ali

    Your sword is on earth

    And we will embrace it

    And let it stab us

    So that we can be from you

    O Ali

    Your sword is the sword of God

    It is Hassan, it is Hussain

    It is the Mahdi the Guide of our time

    It is with us all

    Calling us to pick it up

    Saying I am with you, I am at your service

    I am the name of God, that gives you light

    I been with you all along.

    How long will you stay resisting me?

    How long will you not embrace me?

    O Ali

    Your words will not be forgotten

    Your battles remembered

    Your advice will be followed

    We will choose you over the Dunya

    And not let Satan defeat us

    For choosing you is choosing God

    And we have no means to God

    But through you and your brother the Messenger of God

    And the Imams from your offspring

    Forget us not with your Lord

    And pray for us, and plead for us
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