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Curriculum Body in India Decided To Drop Evolution and Periodic Table From School Science

Shadow Wolf

Certified People sTabber & Business Owner
Einstein did not believe that God chose to play dice with the universe. This can translated as do not try to explain the universe with casino math
When Einstein said that, it was over a game of billiards (if I recall correctly) and is a clever way of reflecting his belief that we live in a hard determinist universe. It has nothing to do with what you think is casino math.
And have you seen casino formulae? It is very precise and assures the house that as long as people are playing, in the end the house wins.
And, of course, professional gamblers thwart your claim as they use numbers to beat the house. Black Jack and Poker a common ways, but you can also do it with older stlye roulette tables. And these games show us where indeed god doesn't play with dice. A deck of card can only be played so many ways and math gives an advantage to players utilizing it. Physics made old roulette tables very beatable so they're mostly electronic now.
And of course none if this has anything to do with evolution. That's not a casino game, it's Nature.