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Featured Crucifixion of Christ

Discussion in 'Theological Concepts' started by Salty Booger, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. metis

    metis aged ecumenical anthropologist

    Aug 27, 2013
    ecumenical & naturalistic Catholic
    As a first step, that's great!!!.:sparklingheart:
  2. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    The his story of looking back and applying human coercive lying. To think and claim that whilst thinking you own what you think about. But you are only living as a near to Holy Water mass body with the Garden Nature. Today the same lying coercive male group status.

    To claim that what you think about you own, when it is natural first. Ownership was quoted to be a told story, God his story...yet God is not his story.

    Consciousness therefore said, so no man is God.

    If you quote that Holy Mother of God existence is cold space, then gas that was burning/being sacrificed was stopped burning due to cold space. History for a gas, burning. Cold gas owns space, as we can walk through it, so we claimed it is our spirit cold womb space that keeps our heavenly body present for our sake.

    If a human being male quotes, when I did not exist I was sacrificed, is a conscious self aware human statement said to male human self for self about self. Whereas science quotes.....in the his story past, I was not present.

    So then you ask him, so in the past were you personally the sacrificed life non present, returned to healthy DNA therefore know and remember self replacement? And claim self superiority as a male pretending that you personally came back from the dead DNA human life, yet evolution in the heavens allowed DNA to heal?

    For you cannot begin life as a sacrificed human being male. For first you have to be living to get sacrificed to own the quote....I am sacrificed. Secondly if you did get sacrificed out of human DNA, then you did.

    If you also preached that cloud amassing increased water evaporation is how life on the ground got saved by flooding/cooling. Then it was also relative advice, science. If you said you lived sacrificed due to removing your own oxygen and water use, also relative self human male advice.

    If science then quotes and equal to equal answer. My machine was artificially alchemised by melt...so I displaced where water mass historically had kept the mineral present. Then I did. If I displace water in its natural order, then my machine a design which owns no self volition to take action, is controlled by my choices and it caused natural order to change. As I already changed natural order to gain a machine presence.

    Then his own science sacrificed brother Stephen Hawking told everyone, he is trying to destroy life, for a machine will never own the coldest body, natural space....science, a reactive point only concludes God, always inferred/reference to be Stone and Planet Earth is what he always discusses as the body to be forced to change.

    Yet he coerces the thinker not to the relativity of what he always preached was God. For by his owned belief he suddenly claims he can give the reason/meaning God a new name. Yet for thousands of years males in science quote One God as the stone planet Earth....where his thoughts/design and machine building first is removed/abstracted from, as science beginnings.

    So he does coerce the thinker to not rationalise what he is actually doing. To think quote and equal information to God removal, of its coldest form gases within its own body. Which he achieves by a pressurised science state. Another science condition....and God the stone does not become a particle for that abstraction.

    Yet the Saviour wandering star asteroid mass does become a particle of stone in space to release the same cold gases. So that theme God in stone is abstract to Earth God.
  3. MNoBody

    MNoBody Well-Known Member

    Mar 23, 2020
    UNdecided [they all appear to be equally true]
    Nobody really cares....oh yes he does.
    you are forgiven...be all for giving, give each other chances
    pass it on :)
  4. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    A human male thinker/scientist history his owned choice, as a group which we named as a cult mentality was always against natural family unity and equality.

    Where everyone toiled in life and owned their status/place in a group community working for self gain.

    Science owns such quotes as the back drop in space is radiation. (actual human statement, in space itself)........Yes but what backs the back drop...what "drops out" as the fall? The cold spatial empty vacuum, takes what gets left after mass is removed and pulls it out of self presence. Cools the rest of the radiating presence and causes it to disappear. As it cannot cool itself.

    For natural history always owns one body theme higher than what the thinker in theory thinks upon.

    Cold empty space allows the back drop radiation to be known, which is on the other side of our cold gas spatial heavens, already cooled to be prevented from mass burning removal. Our heavens owns the highest spirit gas status, empty cold space.

    The mind psyche of the human scientist quoted and the returned Saviour asteroid cold gases caused our heavenly gas mass to become cooler by increased presence of mass. Yet the gas was already cold/cooled historically.

    It is not difficult to own real thought seeing science as a human thinking told science about that thought, in a human life. So science argues with its owned self...and there is only one extra or not natural condition involved. The group/control and personal want...which is exclusive to the group choice, not exclusive to the natural existing.

    Natural law owns the highest law, coldest history.

    Science told science that the only law it owned as science was the hot dense state....for natural is in its highest cooled held form.

    Time and Age quoted science existed as movement through space by a human imposing the count.

    C in holy science terms was given the value of 100, for the life existence study...everyone should equally own living for 100 years of age.

    If you ask a human consciousness what ideas in awareness advised you that your own self DNA owner lived on....even if you were early age dying sacrificed? Because newly born babies still owned/expressed the same DNA as their own self.

    My life will go on says consciousness, yet that baby was created by a scientific status, human sex.

    Occult science can not thesis human life, for human sex is why life exists.

    If 2 human being parents who pre exist our own self/conscious awareness did not have sex, then the human thinker today would not even own a life. Relative scientific status that is not given relevance in science thesis, for science cannot thesis the presence of human life, when sex is already the answer.

    So the fake theme, you came back from the dead, was taught, for humans to believe in the magic of reincarnation and not discuss relative natural sexual intercourse as why life in human presence existed.

    Science says, never is the self thinker theist ever his own natural human Father life/body and presence or his natural human Mother life/body and presence...and so honour that scientific advice. Yet he never did, he would rather theory that an Ape was our original human being parent without it being a human.

    Which should bring the reader to the self evidence of why a social scientific biological Healer group realised what liars theists really are, just human thinkers, why they quoted that they discussed the relativity of evil, for they were. Religious idealism was not lying when it said all conditions O one the planet entity owned why a human was living, yet also said but you cannot claim that you personally are God, a planet.

    So therefore taught that a biologist string theory was as fake a thinking condition as their imposed reasoning that God owned the creation of life....when the human has to be living to think the theory. Which was the same theist. A scientist.

    When a human taught no Man is God, they never owned the reasoning in natural science to quote and we believe we know how God created the living human. For their religious ideal was not to give names or definitions to information not relative to conscious self advice. Present, the gift of a human life, self presence, being and living present. In one same constant heavenly body water and its oxygenation.

    Why theism was taught it lied....for every body living in the water oxygenation life condition is living in the same one body mass...water and oxygenation of it.

    To be healthy, and living in a Holy environment as a natural self who quoted, what God O Earth had created as the stone body/gases and spirits we were living inside of, its heavens, but our human heavens, were just a holy water/oxygenated microbial heaven.

    It is why the teachings about science themes quoted that the Holy life was by baptism of water above our head...and that humans were not living in the cloud reactive heavens, we lived safely in the water heavenly oxygenated portion with the Garden Nature and also the animal life. Stating we were living inside of the Nature Garden as a teaching.

    The cloud angels therefore kept our water life body safe, by releasing water from the clouds.

    How humans today review what was said by the Church historically, no man is God, so no string theme either, relating a human life comparison to a beast/ape was considered an evil thinker. They were not the scientists who quoted I know as a human how God created life, for without the original Planet mass/stone there is no conscious living human life support.

    Stone rationally existed in its form fused stone as water/oxygenated microbes had sealed its radiating sun attack. Why the teaching in science relativity quoted, never break the seal of the Earth.

    We always knew that our heavenly body was greater than the mass of the stone history. As a self human teaching of life existing in relativity of being a human.