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Create the jury of your peers


LHP Mercuræn Feminist Heretic ☿
Premium Member
Whoever puts me on their jury has terrible judgment. I am only in on it because I want a free lunch.
You get paid $10 per day for serving plus a mileage travel allowance. No free lunch. You do get free parking at the courthouse, however. (Washington state)


Not As Much Fun As I Look
Staff member
Premium Member
You get paid $10 per day for serving plus a mileage travel allowance. No free lunch. You do get free parking at the courthouse, however. (Washington state)

Washington's worse than Iowa! You at least get 30 bucks here.

Dan From Smithville

What's up Doc?
Staff member
Premium Member
From what I've seen @Rival is someone just about anyone would want on their jury -- if and only if they were innocent. Why? Because, so far as I've been able to find, she is superbly fair-minded when it comes to judging people regardless of her personal feelings --- pro or con -- towards them. It doesn't matter whether she likes you or not, she strives for fairness in judging you and/or your ideas.

@SalixIncendium is right up there with her. Even when he's pissed at someone or some position, he strives for rigorous intellectual honesty. Plus, Salix will give you his honest opinion no matter what the consequences to himself might be. Heck, the damn fool would have confessed to being a heretic standing right before the Spanish Inquisition, then challenged them to do something about it.

Right up there with Rival and Salix, in my opinion, are @Jayhawker Soule, @Mr Spinkles, @Audie, @Polymath257, @SomeRandom, @adrian009, @fantome profane, and @ChristineM. If I only knew them a little better, I might easily add @danieldemol, @Dan From Smithville, @Heyo, and a small handful of others.

I'm excluding from my list @Left Coast and @Vouthon because, though they strive as hard -- or even harder -- than anyone else to be fair and impartial judges of people and ideas, both men occasionally allow their extraordinarily kind natures and faith in the basic goodness of other people to get the better of their judgement. I hope you two guys are not offended, by the way.

I'm not saying any of the people I have named are perfect. No one is. But I have huge respect for the effort with which they strive for fair mindedness and intellectual honesty. HUGE respect. I'm also not saying my list is comprehensive. I'm sure I've forgetfully left people out who deserve to be on it.

Yet, for the record, my mother -- who passed away three years ago at age 99 -- would have equaled or outclassed everyone on my list for impartiality, fair-mindedness, and intellectual honesty. And yes, she would have been the first to have told y'all not to listen to me about her because, as her son, I might be inclined to be biased in her favor. That was -- so far as I know -- her biggest weakness. She always assumed that blood relatives were intrinsically too biased to judge objectively.

My 2 cents, for whatever that might be worth to you.
I am hopping to be on your jury. With two lucky rabbits feet, I am sure to get the right verdict.

Twilight Hue

Twilight, not bright nor dark, good nor bad.
If you were being tried and had to select a jury of your peers from the members of RF, who would you want on your jury and who would you never accept on your jury?
I'm in trouble. Might as well get it over with.


LHP Mercuræn Feminist Heretic ☿
Premium Member
@Dan From Smithville (Avatar: a rabbit) offered @Sunstone to be on his jury.
I mistook Sunstone for @sun rise (Avatar: Golden Retriever).
As sun rise, I would be very wary with Dan on my jury.
I understand that part. I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea of mistaking Sunstone for sun rise, aside from the similarities in their usernames. (Yeah, I know, I think too much.)

I might be able to come up with a few things they have in common, but probably many more things where they differ.