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Court of Appeals Hearing for Cory Maye

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by gnomon, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. gnomon

    gnomon Well-Known Member

    The Agitator » Blog Archive » Oral Arguments in the Cory Maye Case Tomorrow

    I've been watching this case for more than three years.

    It's been a while but from what I've read of the trial transcripts, admissions from police that they did not hear announcement from other police identifying themselves, the complete discrediting of the forensic expert used by the prosecution, a racist informant, the complete lack of investigation of the residence of Maye's girlfriend prior to the raid, that the named suspects on the warrant who resided in the other half of the duplex disappearing and no attempt by the State to pursue the actual drug dealers..........

    I hope the appellate court moves to hold a new trial.
  2. gnomon

    gnomon Well-Known Member

    Waited a week on updating this.


    The Mississippi Court of Appeals has overturned Cory Maye's verdict for a retrial based on a violation of his constitutional right. Namely, the right of venue. Even though Maye's lawyer had the venue changed, much to the delight of the prosecution, Maye still possessed the right to put in a change of venue request again before the trial started. The court of appeals determined that rejecting the application to change the venue, even if it was a second change (though it would have technically been the third venue change of the trial) put forth by the defense, was a violation of Maye's rights.

    The appeals court did not accept or even seem to weigh the other arguments put forth by Maye's new legal team. Such as the testimony of a disgraced forensic expert, an avowed racist informant or the fact that Maye's name was not on the warrant nor his girlfriends who actually was the one renting that half of the duplex.

    Anyway, here's hoping the state doesn't win to overturn the appellate courts decision in the state Supreme Court and that a new trial can progress for Maye.

    I still recommend Maye write a children's book or claim to have been a founding member of a violent, criminal organization but then found Jesus or something.
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